Guest blog: Andrea and her Super Psychic Labor Predictor Powers

Back in March Sara and I were at dance rehearsal when she started to feel a little bit queezy.  She told me she wasn’t feeling so hot and I said “maybe you’re pregnant,” in the sarcastic tone people take when suggesting people who they don’t think are pregnant actually are.  She raised her eyebrows at me and didn’t discount the fact that she might be pregnant, and it was then I had the hunch that she was.

A few short weeks later Sara gave me the heads up that she was in fact pregnant and I got all crazy.  Sara was the first close friend of mine to be pregnant and having a baby, and I can’t imagine being more excited.  It is kind of a weird obsession and to be honest I’m surprised Sara is still my friend because it’s weird how excited I’ve been.  I think the weirdest thing is that I myself am not at the stage in my life where pregnancy or motherhood would be at all exciting, but Sara obviously is, and I can’t calm myself down about it.  That being said I would like to let you in on a secret talent I have.

I can foresee when babies will be born.

This first happened to me a couple of years ago when my boyfriend at the time’s sister was pregnant.  It was two weeks before her due date and I had a strange dream that her water broke.  It was right before Thanksgiving and I was away at college, so I called him to tell him about the dream.  His sister and I were never close, we barely even spoke two words to each other, but that afternoon he called and told me that she was in labor.  

About three weeks ago I had a dream that Keelin arrived. I texted Sara to give her a heads up because of the aforementioned secret talent.  I also informed her that the dream was really crazy and weird and Keelin came out with fully curled blonde bangs (like the kind that were popular in middle school) so it probably wasn’t true.  We both decided we wouldn’t put anyone on high alert.  I personally knew my premonition wasn’t strong enough, and it turns out Sara did NOT go into labor that day.

The night before Sara’s due date I once again had a dream that Keelin was born.  We were all at the hospital and I was congratulating her on the arrival of Keelin.  Sara had already turned back to her natural thinness, the baby bump disappearing to reveal her six pack once again.  Also, Buster and Pigsby had given birth to some extremely cute puppies and in the dream I was confused about which dog was female, but settled on Pigsby (sorry Pigs…).  I woke up letting Sara know that day was was the day, which made sense because it was her due date.  
Sara and I exchanged a few texts, some of which were about her back pain that had radiated around to the front.  She claimed it may not be baby related, but I knew the truth.  At approximately 7:54 that evening I got a feeling of excitement that I couldn’t hold back.  Since we already know I was crazy anxious about the arrival of Keelin, to the point that even my boss has told me I need to calm down about it, I checked Sara and Z’s facebook.  Sara’s had not updated it since that morning, including comments on statuses, which if you know her is CRAZY, so I sent Z a text message asking what I should get my boyfriend for Christmas since we have not celebrated yet and he did not answer.  Not only did he not answer, but it got sent to his phone as a text message instead of an iMessage and we all know that hospitals do NOT have good reception.
I immediately called my boyfriend to tell him that Sara was in labor.  As he excitedly yelled “Baby, where is the hospital!? I’ve gotta go to the hospital!” I then informed him that I had not received any confirmation that Sara was actually in labor, that I had made the whole thing up, and that I was unsure which hospital they were at but regardless, my boyfriend was not welcome for the delivery.  At about 10 p.m. I nearly peed myself when I received a text from Sara that said she went to the hospital with painful contractions but got sent home because it was not time yet.  I should have known my premonition was wrong, in the dream Sara’s baby was black.

Ok, so maybe I don’t have the secret talent I once thought I did.  Maybe I still would if Keelin hadn’t faked us out so much.
The morning after Sara’s due date Zechariah sent me a text that woke me up, sending my heart rate skyrocketing once again, informing me it was go time.  A few hours later I received the most beautiful picture of Sara and Keelin, and I was glad to see that Keelin did not have perfectly curled bangs, and her skin matched the color of her mother and father’s.  

Keelin is here! Keelin is here! And I always knew she would come!
About the blogger:
Andrea Lalley was born and raised in Lake Ridge, VA and has 23 1/2 years of life experience. She has been sporting a sarcastic sense of humor since the 1st grade when she got put in time out for her smart mouth. She went to school at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and received a B.F.A in dance performance and choreography. She currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA as a professional dancer, but guest blogs and blogs semi-regularly. Check her out at!
Until next time…
Have you ever experienced a bit of labor ESP when if came to you or a friend of yours who was expecting? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT?!

3 thoughts on “Guest blog: Andrea and her Super Psychic Labor Predictor Powers

  1. You should have included the picture of you holding Keelin!!! I think your intuitiveness is pretty good too! Great seeing you while I was in Atlanta!

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