Since the end of Keelin’s 40 week gestation also means the end of my weekly HUMP DAY BUMP DAY posts… I thought it was only fair that I replace it with another weekly staple. This one I’ve graciously stolen borrowed from the LOVELY Petersik family over at Young House Love. If you aren’t already a huge fan of their blog I suggest you get your head out of the sand and get with it… they are amazing!

Their daughter Clara is absolutely precious and when she was born, mom and pop decided to document her growth with a weekly onesie photo. They are much far more talented than I am in both photography and editing… but I’m giving it a shot none the less.

I hereby present to you… Keelin’s weekly onesie photo!

ONE WEEK OLD and rockin some FAB-U-LOUS socks.
She was ‘technically’ one week old yesterday but I had to keep giving you SOMETHING worth reading on Wednesdays, right? I’m still working the kinks out with adding the text on the onesie… My photoshop skills are seriously lacking {lame} but I wanted to add my own little flare so I’m hoping to have Keelin model not only a plain white onesie, but some adorable and bright socks with each photo. What do you think?

I can’t believe it’s been a full week since we welcomed our little manatee into the world. It’s been such an amazing experience and we are so incredibly blessed to finally have her here! I promise I’m cooking up a GREAT birth story post {maybe in multiple parts depending on how long winded I get} so expect that soon!

We took a ton of pictures to make sure we had plenty to choose from and this one cracked me up every time I saw it. Not only is she looking right at the camera {a star is born, people} but I feel like she’s getting ready to deck me in the face. You’ll most likely catch her with her hands up around her face in fists, so I thought this was fitting for the first weekly photo.

I’m going to attempt to do a new onesie photo every week for a full year… AHHH, the pressure!
I think it will be a breeze because who wouldn’t want to snap photos of this little cutie all day long? I’m so in love!!!

10 thoughts on “ONEsie

  1. Just wait until she starts moving around on her own. That will be your true challenge. My monthly monkey pictures with Cori were a challenge the last few months of them.

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