Guest blog: Kristen from The Campbell Family

Top 5 Things for a NEW MOM!

OK! So while Sara is prepping for {or possibly already enjoying} that beautiful baby girl Keelin, I wanted to do a guest blog for her on the top 5 things for a new mom. Since I am going to be a new mom right around February 8th, I felt that this would be appropriate. Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion! I know that there are hundreds on wonderful things out there for new moms and babies alike! These are just a few things that I think are WONDERFUL!!!

Ok! So here we go!
Starting us off at Number 5: Moby Wrap

This is a great piece for any new mom to have because it’s so versatile! Unlike other carriers, it distributes the weight to all of your back and front instead of the small straps that just pull on your bag like some of the other carriers have. It’s also great for newborns to keep them snugly against your chest and can hold them up until they are 45 pounds! It can go on your front, back or side making it ultra versatile for you and your little one!!!

Number 4: Car Seat Mat

This mat doesn’t seem like a great thing, however I think that it’s a definite registry must have! I have seen so many times the divots left in seats from car seats and the yuck that lies beneath! As the baby grows, they will have snacks and drinks and other yucky items that will be coming from their car seat! This little mat will do the job to protect the seat and all that lies under it! Also, the mat works for rear and front facing car seats. So as your baby grows, no need to purchase another mat! This one will do the trick. 🙂

Number 3: Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper

So I have to say that a few months ago, this would have never made my list of top five! Only because it just didn’t seem like a GRAND thing to have or need. However, the more I started at looking for space in our bedroom for a bassinet and the less space we have, this seemed like a good idea! I have also talked to a few other friends that have this and LOVE LOVE it! It has an angled back so if your baby has acid reflux, it will help with that. It is also portable, so you can fold up and carry to living room, kitchen, grandmas house or even on a road trip! Also, it’s very reasonable in price compared to a lot of other bassinets out there! So this now seems like a win-win situation for the little one and for Momma!

Number 2: Baby Bullet

So let me introduce to you to the Baby Bullet! I received this at a shower last weekend and after digging out all of the parts and pieces, I was AMAZED at all of the wonderful things that this can do!!! Not only does it come with everything that you need to make and store your baby food, but it also has this amazing cookbook that you can learn how to make anything from just veggies to full-out meals for your growing baby! And it’s so user-friendly! This is a sure-fire way to save money and cook healthy for your little one!

Number 1: Diaper Sprayer to go with BumGenius Diapers! 

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

HAHA! Can you hear me singing? I think that this is the coolest thing since microwave popcorn! No really! I know that so many people are fans of BumGenius, me included. In fact, I already have my full stock for when Colton arrives! And I know that Sara is using them for Keelin, so I found this to be an appropriate Numero Uno! This little guy attaches directly to your toilet! (Think sprayer for a sink, but on the toilet!) And once its attached, you can spray off the dirty diapers right into the toilet! No more leaving messy yucky pails of water in the bathroom for dunking dirty diapers. Just spray and flush! Wahoo!!! This will be a need-to-have piece of hardware for the bathroom to use with those super cute BumGenius cloth diapers!

Well thanks for letting me share those top 5 New Mom Items! Like I said, these are only MY opinion as I know that there are MILLIONS of things that we are fortunate to have at our disposal to make having babies easier than ever! And thanks to Sara for posting this today!!!


Kristin and her sweet hubby Aaron!

Hi! I’m Kristin and I live in Midlothian, Virginia! I am married to my highschool sweetheart, Aaron and we have a 4-legged furry child, Ruger! We also have a new baby boy, Colton, due the first week of February! I currently work as a paralegal but will be enjoying my new job as a stay at home mom! I also sell Pampered Chef and love helping people make inexpensive recipes for their families! I am so excited to be a new mom and cannot wait for all of the love, fun & craziness that comes with it! Thanks for reading! *Visit Kristin’s blog at the link above and check in on her own baby adventure!

Until next time…

Do you have your own TOP 5 list for new moms? Share some of your favorite new mommy MUST HAVES!

2 thoughts on “Guest blog: Kristen from The Campbell Family

  1. After having my two boys I would say a jumparoo, breast pump (can we say mastitis?…ouch!), swaddle me velcro blanket and an ergo are the things I couldn’t live without! Over the moon excited for you two! love you girls! 🙂

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