Guest blog: Tracy… aka my hero :)

Over the course of the last few months, as Keelin has steadily grown in the belly, Sara and I have had tons of conversations – mostly on GChat. We’ve talked of changes in appetite and skin, a depleted energy level and even how tough it is to keep balance with the many body changes going on. Menopause is just killing me! It’s a bitch!

(Just kidding. Except for the bitch part.)

In all seriousness, it’s been cool to hear about the pregnancy and about the many preparations for Keelin’s arrival. I’m so very excited for Sara and Z and even more so for Keelin. She’s a lucky little girl for sure.

As a welcome to little Keelin, I’ve written her a letter in the hopes that she’ll find a nugget or two to apply to her own life some day.  It goes like this:

Dear Keelin,

Welcome to Earth!

While I hope we meet much later on in your life, when a conversation between us can go deeper than your adorable baby babble, it’s possible that we’ll somehow miss each other. So, in case we do, I wanted you to know now that I’m glad you’re here and that I believe the world is a better place already, because you’re in it!

I’m just about to turn 50 at the time of this writing. I met your mother only a couple of years ago and she quickly became a wonderful friend. The expanse of years between us hasn’t made one bit of difference … I credit her for that and for the way my little corner of the world brightens up whenever she enters it.

There’s so much to learn in this life and you have wonderful parents to teach you. I did too, but I still made some pretty big stumbles! For this reason, I thought I’d put in writing a few helpful tips I’ve learned.

I was always in a rush growing up. I hope you’ll take the time in your early years to enjoy teddy bears and frogs and every single silver moon that dusts your toes with warm light on hot summer nights. Ponder a butterfly’s wings, the smell of gardenias and the texture of macaroni and cheese on your tongue. Take your time to take it in and savor. Don’t let anyone rush you when you’re enjoying a moment.

It’s not uncommon for us to sometimes take ourselves very seriously. I assure you, with practice, you can find that Goldilocks spot in your psyche that’s the perfect ‘just right’ balance between deathly serious and utterly ridiculous. Laugh much – especially when examining your own flaws, for many of them will fade away with the passage of time or become an endearing aspect of your unique character.

Be brave and embrace the lessons learned from disappointments, let-downs and injustices. Squeeze every last bit of knowledge you can out of them as you make a case for what’s right. Avoid punching wrong-doers in the face – even if they totally deserve it. Conversely, take the underdog by the hand. Be a friend to the downtrodden. It’s a heroic act … especially when performed in the 7th grade.

Every woman deserves a quality bra, a huge supply of lavender bath salts, clean bed linens, cute PJ’s AND to be respected in her chosen field. Dare to own your achievements AND the many failures and successes that helped to get you there. And at the end of each exhausted day spent making those achievements happen, treat yourself to a nice hot lavender bath, soft jammies and a clean, warm bed.

As a way of experimenting with your power early in life, occasionally wear socks that don’t match. There’s something about it that feels empowering. (I don’t get it either, but just try it before you dismiss it). When you get a little older, try using outrageous hairstyles as an outlet for angst. It’s one way to relieve rebellious stress but with no long-term regretful repercussions, (like piercing your entire head, for instance. THAT you’d likely regret forever!) Hair grows out making it a safe place to act out occasionally.

Always remember that everyone has a story and sometimes that story can explain bad behavior. Be willing to listen with empathy and warmth. If a person was mean but the story behind it helps you understand, then you have something to work with. If they were mean just because they ARE mean, then it’s time to move on.

Above all else, let love, respect and kindness guide you on your journey through this life. Treat each person with dignity and honor.

That last part shouldn’t be too hard … you can just model your momma for that.



I stole this picture from her Facebook page but it was too perfect NOT to use!

I usually ask my guest bloggers to write this part out for themselves, just so readers can get to know them a little bit better. BUT today, because I was so touched by Tracy’s words… I’m going to fill hers out for her. And there’s nothing she can do about it!
Basically Tracy is my hero. She’s like my 5’2″ knight in shimmering armor… if knights were women and filled with spunk! We met while both working at a TRULY terrible job but I’m so incredibly thankful that it brought us to know one another. She is kind, brilliant {both of which are evident in her sweet words and impecable writing}, funny, inspirational, goofy, charismatic, and a true TRUE friend. I’m so happy to know her and so thankful that Keelin will get to meet such a motivating individual. LOVE YOU T-RAY!

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