Guest blog: Kevin from The Trot Line

ATTENTION LADIES… especially those of you who are still in need of a Christmas gift for your honeybun!
I asked my friend Kevin {a man’s man} to write a post about what to get your MAN for Christmas. I can say from personal experience that there have been more than a few holidays, birthdays and other celebrations where I find myself at a total loss for what to get Z. I don’t know why it’s so hard to “think man” when shopping for gifts but it’s definitely something I think many of us have stressed over before… so this is definitely a BIG help. {Kevin, you rock} You still have a few more days to check your hubby, boyfriend, brother, dad, or WHOEVER off your Christmas list, so take a look at what Kevin has to say and become the best gift giver ever!
Guys have the unfortunate reputation for never being specific when it comes to gift giving. Because we never come out and say, “I want a gas-powered chain saw for Christmas,” women tend to think that we (men folk) are extremely difficult to give gifts.  Really, it’s not that hard at all to find your man the right Christmas gift this year.
Here are a few things that almost any guy in your life will appreciate:
  1. A Bottle of Whiskey – One of life’s little luxuries is whiskey.  Nearly every man has a taste for oak aged liquor.  It’s a gift that they can enjoy after a hard day of work, to celebrate with, or to share with a buddy.  If you’re on a tight budget this year, you can find some amazing whiskeys that are a few that you should check out like Buffalo Trace Straight Kentucky Bourbon or Ian Macleo’s Isle of Sky 8 Year Scotch Whisky.
  2. A Home Brewing Kit – Yes, another alcohol related gift.  My apologies to the recovering alcoholic.  However, if your guy has ever dreamt of recreating his favorite beer for himself, then this might be the perfect gift.  A home brewing kit gives your guy a new hobby and a new project to be proud about.  You can find really affordable home brew kits from Hop City in Atlanta or Brewmasters Warehouse in Marietta.
  3. Straight Razor Shave – Getting your guy a straight razor shave from a local barber shop is a great stocking stuffer.  Guys rarely like shaving as it is, so having someone do it for them and have it be extremely relaxing is the best of both worlds.
  4. Repaint the Home – If your guy spends most of his weekends outside, cleaning around the house, then taking care of the home for him is a great gift.  It’s one less thing on his to-do list.  You can win a free house painting job if you live around Atlanta right now from Davis Paint Company in Woodstock, GA.
  5. A Trip to the Gun Range – Top off your man’s Christmas list with a trip to the gun range.  An hour in the lanes, a few boxes of ammo and a couple of high powered weapons is always a great treat for the guy in your life.  The Quickshot Shooting Range in Atlanta has all of those plus a special bonus; homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Yes, I know.  You can thank me later for being the best wife or girlfriend ever because the combination of gunpowder and cookie dough go so well together.
{PS. ladies, this is a TON of fun for us too. Make your man go weak in the knees when he see’s you grab those earplugs and fire off a few rounds!}
Kevin is the founder of The Trot Line, an editorial website highlighting life and culture in the South.

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