Hospital Tour Part Duex

No, we’re not some strange overly enthusiastic couple who enjoys walking through hospitals in our spare time. We had a bit of a hiccup in our delivery day prep when we found out at our 34-week check-up that our midwife no longer delivers at the hospital we had chosen and already toured. Puh.

My reaction was a quick moment of panic followed by an overwhelming sense of peace. Something quickly told me that there was probably a very valid reason why she would stop delivering at hospital 1. A reason that would probably make us reconsider delivering there anyway… so I should be thankful for the change and happily adapt. Right?

Well adapt we did…and for good reason!

It wasn’t until this Monday’s 36-week apt. that we got the scoop on all the drama. It turns out that hospital 1 is NOT AT ALL accommodating to midwives OR natural childbirth. SAY WHAT??? Our midwife has been battling their forceful push for medication and c-sections for years, in an attempt to provide multiple options for her patients, and finally said enough was enough. {you go girl} Sounds like hospital 1 is nothing but a bunch of butt heads… and I don’t want some butt head handing my baby… or her butt… or my butt. Needless to say we are now VERY thankful that we found out about and were able to adapt to the sudden change and are thrilled with all the wonderful things we’ve heard about the BETTER hospital {hospital 2}, especially in regards to their love of midwives and natural births. HOORAY!

While hospital 1 had its perks {it’s much newer and had larger labor and postpartum rooms} it didn’t even hold a candle to hospital 2’s friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. As we waddled our way around the maternity wing, nurses, doctors, orderlies and even janitors smiled and said hello at every corner. You could really tell they all LOVE their jobs and were excited for each and every one of us!

Now on to some tour specifics… which I will list with comparison’s to the hospital 1 just to emphasize how much better an option hospital 2 REALLY is!

  • The woman who gave the tour, Debbie, is an actual neonatal nurse and will probably be one of the women helping us on Keelin’s big day! She had both a medical and personal outlook on childbirth and was able to answer every single question the group threw at her. Babs from hospital 1 was nice, but she only had stories about her kid’s having babies, which included little in regards to the specific medical care they received. AND, she wasn’t even a hospital employee… tell me how THAT makes sense!
  • There were about 7 couples on the tour of hospital 2… all with different birth plans and expectations… which to ME was a great sign that so many care providers recommended the hospital. You may remember our last tour only had one other couple in attendance, Urkel and Pepe. Lame.
  • Debbie walked us all out to the labor and delivery entrance so we could see exactly where to go when “it’s time”. Babs only told us to go to the Emergency room entrance which, to this day, I have still never seen.
  • The hospital 2 tour took us to a labor/delivery room {complete with a birthing pool for women interested in having water births or for those who may just want to labor in a warm tub… where’s your birthing pool hospital 1??? I don’t see it!}, the postpartum room, the waiting room for family and friends, the nurse’s station, and even the NICU. It was so heartbreaking to see those TEENY TINY LITTLE BABIES in the incubators but I was really happy that we were at least shown what it all looked like {took away a lot of fears} in the off-chance that we’d need to take Keelin there. I pray to God that it’s the last time I see the NICU and that Keelin never has to know it exists, but it was comforting just getting a glimpse and seeing how closely monitored all the little babes were.
  • There were two little munchkins on the tour with us {with their parents… not having babies of their own} and Debbie was so sweet with them. Even pumped them full of graham crackers and apple juice to keep them occupied. Wise, wise woman!
  • Debbie filled us in on some of the hospital stats and we were so incredibly impressed. Not only do they have a .01% infection rate for postpartum mothers, but their c-section rate is also LESS THAN 1%. They have the lowest c-section rate in Atlanta. Hospital 1’s c-section rate is OVER 50%. Totally nuts and total proof that they would be much quicker to recommend some kind of intervention just to get me in and out as soon as possible… and to get more money in their pockets. Again… lame.
  • When one of my fellow waddlers asked about their “time limit” for labor, because she’d heard horror stories of hospitals rushing laboring mothers and pressuring them to sway from their birth plans just so the doctor can make his tee time. {True or not, I’m sure many other preggo has heard horror stories just like these before so I’m glad she brought it up while we were all there} I was so thrilled to hear Debbie say that they have no time limit. As long as mama and baby are healthy, they will do what we ask and stick to our birthing plans as best they can. SO COMFORTING!!!
  • We saw our midwife while we were there and as she walked to the nursing station, a number of them asked if there was anything they could get for her. We love our midwife and it was so wonderful seeing her being ‘taken care of’ by the nursing staff. Makes me 100% confident that they will be there taking care of her when I’m in labor, which will make her job a little bit easier!
  • And the MOST IMPORTANT thing I saw along the tour… hospital 2 hosts an annual Christmas door decorating contest. Enough said.

There were plenty of other things we really loved about hospital 2 and we couldn’t be happier that we are delivering there. The ONLY negative {if you can call it that} to hospital 2 is that it’s slightly further away than hospital 1 was. However, I plan on laboring at home as long as I possibly can before heading to the hospital, so I’m not at all worried about it. Another one of those overwhelming feelings of peace that I’ve been given. 🙂

I apologize for not having a witty and hysterical “crazy couple” story to tell… but I guess there’s something to be said for the fact that the things I most remembered on tour 1 were mostly about Urkel and Pepe and the things I remembered on tour 2 were things we learned along the tour. 🙂

Until next time…

What’s the worst hospital horror story you’ve ever heard?

11 thoughts on “Hospital Tour Part Duex

  1. If there is anything I learned from my own child birth process, it’s that you have to stick up for yourself. My doctor seemed convinced I wasn’t going to make more progress after 7+ hours of pitocin and wanted to do a C-section. I really wanted to give her a few more hours and my awesome nurse started turning me in all sorts of crazy contorted positions that eventually got me fully dilated and no C-section required.

  2. You might want to wait on hearing the bad stories until after you deliver! I put earmuffs on every time someone tried to tell me their horror story. So here’s my good story: I delivered with a midwife who was super encouraging with my birth plan and never pushed meds or an epidural. It took 13 hrs and I delivered an almost 9 lb baby girl. I wrote down my birth plan so I didn’t have to frantically explain everything I needed and didn’t have to try and turn away the anesthesiologist. I used hypnobirthing to focus and got through most of the contractions without really internalizing the intensity. It was amazing! And it turns out I was the only natural delivery that day.

    How will you handle the contractions? I bet you have gone to your birth classes already and gotten good tips. I didn’t plan anything specific, but I ended up saying the alphabet and visualizing each letter like it was being written with a sparkler – lower case, caps, and cursive. It distracted my conscious mind so my subconscious mind could do what it knew how to do already – birth out a baby.

    Good luck!

    • Unfortunately some of the horror stories have been inevitable… and unsolicited. We’re going to be using the Bradley Method with relaxation techniques and husband coached labor. Heading out the birthing class in a few minutes actually, with a first draft of my birth plan!
      Thank you for sharing your good story! I appreciate the encouragement!!!

  3. Well i have a hospital horror story with a happy ending. 2nd pregnancy, woman went to hospital for highblood pressure ONE DAY before her due date. Her BP was indeed elevated, they “monitored” her for a few hours, and sent her home. Not ONCE did they actually check to see if she was dilated. Within 30 minutes of getting home we delivered a healthy baby girl on her bed. Her BP was high because she was in labor! From your blog though, hospital 2 sounds like an excellent choice 🙂 Can’t wait to meet Keelin!

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