More Nursery Pictures!

In case you missed my feature yesterday on Girl with Pearls… here’s another look:  Monday Mama’s-To-Be

Because I gave an updated peek into Keelin’s Nursery, I thought I’d keep going with more pictures today! There are still a few more things I need to add and a handful of projects I’m going to feature separately, but it’s ALMOST done and I thought it was about time for an update!

Some beautiful wooden letters spelling out Keelin’s name will go between the shelf and the crib…coming soon {mom helped me figure out a really unique way to hang them and I’m so excited to make it happen!}!  Oh, and don’t worry… that shelf is probably THE MOST secure thing in the room {we’ve tested it a lot!} and the letters will be too so there’s no risk of something bumping my sweet girl on the head… unless it’s one of the 50 stuffed elephants she has!

The view from the window side of the room. I’m going to add a plain curtain in front of the closet so it won’t make things look so busy! She’s got SO MUCH STUFF ALREADY!

My favorite view of the room… right when you walk in the door. Things will get rearranged a bit on the shelves {and we may add a few more individual shelving units on the opposite wall for frames and what not} but I absolutely LOVE the way things have turned ou!

So, what do you think? Too much? Not enough? Just right? I’d love to get your feedback!

Until next time…

8 thoughts on “More Nursery Pictures!

  1. Keelin is going to be one smart little lady with all the wonderful cerebral stimulation she will have looking at all the lovely things in her bedroom!

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