Super Simple Nursery Painting


I know, I know… how can I POSSIBLY add more elephant paraphanalia into the nursery?


Forever ago I scored big time at one of my FREQUENT trips to JoAnn Fabric. They were having a sale on canvas frames and I found a bunch of 4×4 mini-frames for some ridiculously amazing price that I can’t even recall because it was THAT forever ago! I knew I wanted to have a ton of art on the walls in the nursery but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do just yet so I snagged a handful and waited for inspiration to hit. {This was before we even knew if we were having a girl or a boy so I had plenty of time to decide what to do}

Soon after, the elephant theme surfaced and we learned that it would be a little GIRL joining us, so my mind started buzzing.

We were still in the process of looking for the perfect bedding set and, as some of you might remember, one of our front runners was this set from KidsLine:

Even though the set didn’t end up making the cut, I was still really inspired by the simple shape of the elephants and those adorable pieces of wall art. SO… I put my noggin to work and did a little stealing πŸ™‚ NOT stealing… per say… I actually prefer CLOSELY borrowing.

Using a little computer magic I zoomed in on the wall art and cut out the basic elephant shape. I picked out my colors, primed the 4 canvas frames with a layer of white paint {some of them were a little scuffed up and smudged} and added my own adorable elephant!

I painted each canvas with the elephant peeking out of the bottom left corner, and alternated the colors of their ears so that I could make the ‘pinwheel’ effect as seen in the bedroom set.

It was really simple and only took me about an hour to complete {even with two coats of paint on each elephant}. I love the finished product and found a home for it on a slender piece of wall next to the changing table.


Until next time…

What’s the last art project you’ve “stolen”?

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