Grey’s Anatomy Meltdown

Happy Friday everyone!

Have anything fun planned for the weekend? I do 🙂

My weekend will consist of more nursery projects {squeeeee!}, plenty of blogging, supporting the SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company at a performance for the Make a Wish Foundation, helping hubby with a photoshoot for some new headshots, and celebrating a very special event… Z and my 2 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already! I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the weekend fun next week but for today, a little humor at my expense. You’re welcome.

Some of you may be familiar with a little show called Grey’s Anatomy.

I absolutely adore it! I’m one of those people that feels a slight ache in my heart when I find myself away from the house {and NOT in front of the TV} Thursday nights at 9:00pm. I’m also one of those people that can watch past episodes over and over AND OVER again without getting bored. Just ask Z how many times he’s come home on any given Saturday to find me puttering around the house with an episode from seasons 1-7 playing in the living room!  While I do claim to be a certified Grey’s-a-holic, I will admit that there are some episodes that are cheesy, stupid, and comically painful. Let’s face it, as with ANY long-running TV show, sometimes the writers have a swing and a miss.

One of the episodes that I thought slightly missed the mark {and mostly because I had SUPER high expectations for it} was called Song Beaneath the Song from season 7. If you haven’t seen it, just know that it was a musical episode that had all the characters singing some of the more famous soundtrack tunes like Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, How to Save a Life by The Fray, Grace by Kate Havnevik, and The Story by Brandi Carlile throughout the episode. While the actual singing was quite impressive {MANY of the cast members are fantastic singers, including Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torez, who actually won a Tony Award for her performance in Spamalot} there was just something TOO different for me to really enjoy it the first time around. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind but it definitely didn’t rank on my top 10 favorite episodes. I couldn’t really connect to it, I thought some of the acting was WAY overdone when they mixed in singing, and it just wasn’t the HUGE Grey’s Anatomy event I was hoping for.

BUT, being a TRUE fan, I wanted to give it another shot. So a few weekends ago, I was doing laundry on a loverly Saturday morning and decided to try out Song beneath the Song once again. BIG MISTAKE.

You may recall my meltdown back in September when my hormones decided to totally kick my butt. Well, apparently they weren’t finished and chose my peaceful Saturday morning to attack once again. Within the first 2 minutes of the episode I was sobbing. Not tearing up. Not getting misty. Sobbing. WEEPING HUGE MAMMOTH TEARS WHILE SITTING ALONE IN THE MIDDLE OF MY LIVING ROOM IN FRONT OF A BIG PILE OF DRYER-FRESH LAUNDRY. I don’t mean to raise my voice text, it was just THAT ridiculous. I’m sure it would have been quite the site to witness if anyone had been around for the experience, and thank the sweet lord no one was. {I am NOT a pretty crier} The BEST part was, the second the tears started flowing I began shouting things like, “OH MY GOD!”, “WHY AM I CRYING?”, “WHHAAAAAAAAAAAT IS HAPPENING?” Even the dogs came running over to stare at me like I had lost my mind… pathetic, I know.

I’d like to think that the MAIN REASON behind my meltdown was not just because of my pain-in-the-butt hormones, but also because entire episode revolves around the medical team’s attempts to save a pregnant Dr. Torez and her unborn baby. Sheesh… talk about a punch in the uterus for any pregnant woman who imagines what that experience would be like. Not fun at all.

Maybe I should have put more thought into the decision to watch THIS particular episode… especially since I hadn’t yet found out I was pregnant the first time I watched it.

Luckily within about 15 minutes I was able to calm myself down enough to finish the laundry, finish the episode {which ended up being WAY better the second time around} and think to myself, “Well I’m the biggest loser ever”. My shirt was totally soaked from all the tears and my guard had started building a barrier the size of the Great Wall in case anything remotely emotional were to present itself to me later in the day. I’m pretty sure just stubbing my toe would have sent me over the edge and into the great hormonal abyss. SUPER FUN, RIGHT?

So, here’s hoping that this Saturday is less tear-filled and instead, jam-packed with fun and joy and laughter and ZERO crying!

Until next time…

Do you have any stories of raging hormones you feel like sharing with the class? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

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3 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy Meltdown

  1. It’s funny, because I was sort of wary of the musical episode of Grey’s, fearing they would try to channel the popularity of Glee… and I found some of the song placement really weird… but I too found myself teary-eyed and unsure of why! I don’t cry at movies or tv shows and I’m certainly not preggers, but there was something oddly touching about the episode. I think I’ll go back and watch it again too!

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