Silly pregnancy myths that were too fun not to share

Only because I’ve heard a few real *top knotch* ones lately, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the oddest, truest, and most ridiculous pregnancy myths out there.

  • Carrying low means you are having a boy and carrying high means you are having a girl. – The all-too popular one that I’ve already discussed {read about my low rider here}
  • If you have heartburn during pregnancy, your baby will be born with a full head of hair. – I haven’t had any heartburn yet {knock on wood} so we’ll see if Keelin turns out to be a baldy!
  • If you carry right in front, it will be a boy. – Someone actually came up to me convinced I was having a boy based on the fact that my belly is really going forward and not to the side. He was shocked when I told him it was a girl!
  • You are more likely to go into labor during stormy weather or when the moon is full. – I was born on a full moon!
  • If your husband puts on weight during your pregnancy,  you will have a girl. If he doesn’t put on a pound, then you’re carrying a boy. – Z is actually losing weight… so what’s that leave me with?
  • If you have acne during pregnancy you are having a girl. – I would say this one might be on the “true” side because I’ve been a PIZZA FACE for far longer than I’d like, but then again, I was a pizza face BEFORE getting pregnant. Damn skin.
  • If you resist food that you crave during pregnancy, your baby will come out resembling that food. – Seriously???
  • If you swim while you are pregnant you could drown the baby. – HA. I can’t believe this is something people actually believe. Too bad your baby is swimming for 9 months anyway!
  • If you stay mad at someone during pregnancy, your baby will resemble that person. – So if I convince myself that Rachel McAdams is the devil, will Keelin look like her?
  • To protect your unborn baby, wear a safety pin on your clothing. – cute idea, until it pops open and stabs you!
  • If you raise your arms over your head when you’re pregnant, the cord will choke the baby. – WHAT? How horrific and morbid!
  • Anyone who refuses a pregnant woman her craving will get a stye in their eye. – GIMME MY PICKLES AND ICE CREAM!!!
  • A pregnant woman can mix Draino with her urine and tell what sex her baby will be by the color. – Gross, and what a waste of Draino!
  • Pregnant women should drink plenty of water or their baby will get dirty. – BWAHAHAHAHHAHA
  • If the sum of the mother’s age at conception and the number of the month of conception is even, it will be a boy. – 23 years old, March = 26… FALSE I SAY!
  • If you have been craving meats or cheeses, it will be a boy.  – DEFINITELY a crock of shiz… those have been my two favorite things to eat!
  • If the hair on your legs is growing faster during pregnancy, it’s a boy. – Well, mines growing significantly slower considering it’s much harder to actually find the time and a comfortable position to shave them!
  • If you had morning sickness early in pregnancy, you are expecting a girl. – Although I did have morning sickness in the first trimester, signifying a speck of truth to this one… how rude for placing all the blame on little girls!
  •  You will lose a tooth for every baby. – Here’s hoping I’m not a snaggletooth in 12 weeks!

Those were some of my favorites but PLEASE, share any others you may have heard! I’m always up for more ridiculous hilarity!

Until next time…

Have you had personal experience proving a myth true or false? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

11 thoughts on “Silly pregnancy myths that were too fun not to share

    • I’ve heard different things… Some say if it turns brown, dark blue or black it’s a boy and light blue, clear or green means it’s a girl. Other things say that if it bubbles it’s one over the other… who knows!

  1. Bahaha! I love the one about denying your craving food. I want to meet a baby that looks resembles a butternut squash or a pineapple and just shake my head at the parents and sigh.

  2. I’ve heard the full moon/storm one before, and weirdly enough, when Irene came through there were unprecedented amounts of premature baby/labor pains 911 calls. I think there might be some truth to big drops in pressure (Hurricanes/blizzards…maybe), or it could be people believing the myth and thus willing it to come true, but the average storm- no way. My favorite is the “If you swim your baby will drown” I mean seriously? What do they think the baby is sitting in in that big belly? A nice, warm, dry cozy cave?

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