Thank you will power

I’m a proud mommy-to-be. Proud of my sweet baby girl for being so in-womb-awesome of course but also… I’m proud of myself!

I made it all the way to the third trimester without buying a single piece of clothing for Keelin. CRAZY RIGHT!?

I decided I was going to use my super-human will power and resist the urge to spend big bucks on toocuteforwords clothes and accessories for my little manatee. {instead all my money has gone toward filling the nursery with to-die-for decorations and sweet things!} A crazy attempt, I know, but with one shower already down and three more to go, I know I’ll she’ll be getting plenty and I don’t want to have to return anything from a thoughtful friend because I couldn’t control my wallet and already bought it myself!

But… I am thankful that my will power told me I could have ONE freebie when I walked into BRU this week {for the Boppy support band} and saw an irresistible onesie set…complete with a bib, long sleeve onesie, short sleeve onesie, tiny pantaloons, and covered in elephants! {le sigh}

I mean, come on, to go SIX pregnant months without purchasing a single onesie is something to be proud of. I think this week’s lapse is well deserved.  I’ve gotta feed the monster a LITTLE BIT before I go totally insane and completely clean out the little girls department of every store I walk through!
And the best part is, I knew even Z wouldn’t be able to resist! See what I mean…


Can you handle the cuteness?

So, the monster has been tamed… for now… and will remain quietly tucked away until my super-human will power says it can come back out again.

Until next time…

What kind of super-human will power have you needed recently. Or better yet, what MUST HAVE ITEM will super-human will power not even stand a chance against? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

4 thoughts on “Thank you will power

  1. It’s a slippery slope, but six months is uber-impressive! I’m at six-months in the other direction, and I still can’t resist the baby clothes section of stores 🙂 Enjoy it all!

    • Absolutely! There are a few right by the house that I’ve got my eye on. Still trying to wait until all the showers are done so I don’t go overboard but they are at the top of my list!

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