What was going to be a post about funny baby names that ended up being a rant about how sometimes it’s just better to keep your mouth shut.

Happy Friday!!!

The sun is shining, it’s the first day of fall, it’s my dear friend Laura’s birthday {Happy Birthday Hot Stuff}, the weekend is peeking it’s beautiful head around the corner and there were two rainbows smiling at me as I drove to work this morning so I know it’s going to be a good day!

I may have been driving when I took this picture, but both hands {wrists} were STILL on the wheel!

As you can tell by the title of this post, I didn’t originally intend on this topic turning into a vent session… it just kind of happened. But at least it’s still upbeat and witty! What more could you ask for on a cheery Friday morning?

Z and I have gotten a number of inquisitive looks and questions about the background, origin and reason for choosing the name Keelin Noelle for our little manatee. I feel like people are always expecting some long, drawn-out explanation filled with family history and personal connection but the truth is, our reasoning is quite simple. But before I unleash said simplicity, a little background:

When we found out we were going to be parents we instantly started thinking about names. Well, let’s be honest, we had talked about future baby names even before we got hitched but the conversation really got serious after I peed on the preggo stick and our lives changed forever.

When it came to possible boy names, we were set. Z and I have a lot of really strong, “all-American” male names on both sides of our families so we knew that all we’d really have to do was find the perfect combination if, and when a boy came along. In fact, one of the reasons I thought we were going to have a boy was because we decided on our favorite boy name so quickly! BUT, we all know how that turned out.

On the other hand, when it comes to the female names in our family, we have less to choose from. No offense to all of our female relatives but we quickly learned that carrying certain names across numerous generations sometimes doesn’t fit as well as one would like. For example: I know that my grandmother {mom’s mom} was once a baby but I think I might do a double take if I heard someone call an infant “Martha”. It’s a beautiful name, but the only Martha’s I have ever known have been women my grandmother’s age. Catch my drift? {Note to self: prepare for hate mail from Martha’s of the world}

So we went searching for alternatives and immediately started looking at names by origin. Z and my families are a melting pot of sorts with German, English, Scottish, Irish and who knows what else all thrown into the mix. We decided to look at Gaelic names first to see if anything popped out at us and Keelin grabbed our attention right from the start. It was unique, sounded great with Pierce and is pretty tough to mispronounce. Plus, Z got a big kick out of the fact that it means “fair and slender”. {“Like her mother” he always says… he’s so sweet!} So although there were a lot of really beautiful names, we kept going back to Keelin {and bookmarked a few others for the next little girl!}. Whenever we tell people the meaning of ‘Keelin’ it never fails that someone asks, “But what if she isn’t fair and slender?” Jerks. My go-to reaction has become, “well then, the joke’s on her!” but in my mind I’m really thinking, “Go away now and be thankful we aren’t naming her Apple or Hazel.” {No offense Gweneth and Julia}

As for her middle name, Noelle, this is where it get’s really simple. Her due date is right around Christmas. Noelle {or Noel} means… YOU GUESSED IT, Christmas or “born on Christmas” and we loved the French spelling with the ‘lle’. It also fit perfectly with the rest of her name, and we got all giddy, smiley and filled with love every time we would say it so we had a winner! It’s at this point in the explanation that people ask, “What if she’s off schedule and not born around Christmas?”. Jerks. At which point I resist the urge to say, “Well then we’ll name her either Keelin Thanksgiving or Keelin NewYear and train her to be a cage fighter so she can lay the smack down on all your kids some day.”

warning… unintentional rant begins here: I mean seriously people. If you are going to take the time to find out why a couple chose a certain name for their child, why are you then going to come back with contradictions that challenge their reasoning? Unless of course the purpose of you asking is just so that you can be a big ol’ douche bag and try to make future mom and dad feel like fools for their decision… jerk. Is it your intention to get them to change their minds so YOU can name their child instead? There are people in this world naming their kids Blanket, Audio Silence, Jermajesty {not kidding}, Shithead {also not kidding} and Moxie CrimeFighter. Lord knows what kinds of questions you would prod them with if given the chance. You are more than welcome to name your child Peach Cobbler, Bamboo Lotion or California Dreamsicle as long as you love it. Others might think your choice is beautiful, unique, stupid, strange or even inspiring but in the end, it’s not only NOT their decision to make, but it’s really none of their business. ERGO if you’re going to ask, and are actually interested in learning the answer, do NOT follow their response with the Spanish Inquisition. Even if you think it’s a really stupid name, just keep your opinion to yourself, nod, smile and muster up some kind of comment along the lines of, “Oh, that’s nice!” If you want to walk around the corner and trash talk, by all means go ahead. Like I said before… no one’s opinion really matters outside of mom and dad.

WHEW! Apparently there was some pent-up frustration surrounding this subject. Who knew! I actually had every intention of just filling you all in on Z and my choice of Keelin Noelle for our sweet baby girl {which hopefully I somewhat accomplished} but lucky you got to hear some of my inner monologue as well!

Until next time…

Have you ever had to deal with any STUPID comments from people asking about your parenting choices? Or overall life choices for that matter? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

** Quick disclaimer… Z and I are 100% confident and in love with the name we’ve chosen for our daughter. No one has or will ever be able to change our minds, so don’t think that I’m at all concerned about our choice!

17 thoughts on “What was going to be a post about funny baby names that ended up being a rant about how sometimes it’s just better to keep your mouth shut.

  1. First, I love the name “Keelin Noelle” — it’s just beautiful.
    This was exactly why we wouldn’t tell anyone the names we picked out when I was pregnant…I didn’t want to hear any “That’s my uncle’s name, and he’s in jail now” or other such nonsense about our name choices. My assumption was that once the baby was named, people would be more positive in their comments.

  2. HAHA! This is SO True though! We haven’t told anyone that names that we think because we simply do NOT want their opinions! My theory is, until you birth this child yourself, you have NO say in what Aaron and I get to name him. Any why? Because its my child. When you have a child, you can name them whatever you want! LOL But for the record, Keelin Noelle is Beautiful and I am sure that it will fit her just fine! Can’t wait for her arrival! HAHA I have a bit of pent-up anger with this issue as well if you cannot tell! LOL

  3. Thanks to the above commenter (Lorean/Star/Elle and I are friends from High School), I started following your blog — and I love reading your updates, adventures, and recipes! I think the name you’ve picked out for your daughter is beautiful, but I understand your rant. The funny part too, is when you think about names for your children (I’m getting married this Spring), you always associate names with certain people you either loved or hated growing up… so that’s why I never tell anyone names I have in mind because either they steal them or ruin them!! Best of luck.

    • Well thank you to YOU and thank you to my little for giving me some advertising! I totally get what you mean about not wanting other people to steal and ruin ideas… especially BABY NAMES! Thanks again and please keep commenting!

  4. You never know about the names you come across. I had a student that was very challenging when I began teaching (many years ago) named Sean.His misbehavior was challenging enought that I always said I would not give my son that name. This student had a sister named Sarah. And yes I am the mother of Shawn and Sara(blog found here). So you just never know until you are there. I love the names Shawn and Sara……and Keelin Noelle!

  5. I hear you! People can be so rude. When I was pregnant we planned to call our baby Malachi. We had all sorts of rude comments including “Why don’t you just name him Lucifer?” I guess there is a Stephen King horror movie from the 80s that has a Malachi in it. The main character is Isaac, but you don’t hear people knocking that name.
    So we ignored the comments and after the baby was born, we got lots of compliments on his name. I wondered about that, but now I figure it is in people’s nature to want to influence you, hence the ‘suggestions’ on baby names. Best to just smile and nod.

    • I totally agree about people just wanting to influence you, although it seems so ridiculous. What is the goal in that, to be able to look at someone’s kid and say “I helped them name their child”? silly

  6. Your post was the reason we didn’t share the name at first once we chose it. I finally couldn’t contain it, but no one had a really weird reaction to my face at least.

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