Nursery Centerpiece…Check!

Happy almost Friday friends! Today is an exciting day on Life in these times… and I’m so happy you’re here to share in the fun.

Okay, it’s probably not THE MOST exciting thing ever, but for me it’s definitely up there!

So here’s the deal: the last time I gave you a glimpse into Keelin’s nursery I also left you with a bit of a teaser at the end of the post. Now it’s time for the full feature presentation!

It’s only the centerpiece of sweet baby girl’s nursery… Keelin’s Crib!

In case you are new or don’t remember from my previous crib post, we chose a Graco Lauren Convertible Crib in white. It is simple, elegant, clean, and perfect for sweet little manatee!

How did we finally decide on such a fantastic, perfect-for-us crib? WELL I’LL TELL YA!

When Z and I began searching for the NUMBER ONE, ALL AROUND, BESTEST CRIB EVER for our little girl we basically looked for 4 things: simplicity, price, convertibility and color. Well, I mainly looked for color. I knew, with the beige and white color scheme I wanted for the room, that a white crib would be ideal. Hubby initially thought we should go for a chocolate-brown but after fully explaining my “vision” he agreed that white would be just fine.

Pretty soon after we announced that we were expecting my parents told us that they wanted to help out by getting us a crib. I was flattered and thrilled and made a point to really get my, or their, money’s worth. We wanted to find something that didn’t cost a fortune but would last well past the “infant years”. Lucky for us {and every other parents-to-be in search of a great deal} the majority of the cribs that are being produced these days come with convertibility options.  This one transitions from crib to toddler bed to day-bed and even a full {bed frame sold separately for the full but how great that you have the option for years down the road!}. Hopefully if we {and she} take good enough care of the framework we’ll be able to utilize one bed for quite a while. And that, my friends, is a deal worth investing in.

Thanks to my favorite DIY couple, the Petersik’s over at Young House Love, I originally was set on getting this beauty:

I loved the “mod” style, the white was perfect, the price was pretty good, the capabilities were vast, it came with great reviews by a couple I fully trust and the storage unit underneath was a HUGE bonus. Seriously I fell head over heels for the under-the-crib drawer and quickly made it a priority for the remainder of our search; especially since we have such limited storage space in the nursery {and entire house} as it is. The only problem with this magnificent crib… it’s only sold at Wal-Mart. Doesn’t seem like much of a “problem”, eh? The thing is, I’m not the one that has beef with good-ol Wally World. In fact, I spent plenty of time strolling its enormous and cluttered isles throughout my college career. We were best buds.  It’s my dear, sweet hubby that has the issue. Z is so ANTI WAL-MART it’s borderline comical. Luckily he didn’t just give me the stiff arm and completely reject the idea all together, but made a compromise that if we couldn’t find another crib that we both loved, with equal quality and pricing, he would agree to making a DREADED Wal-Mart purchase. Lucky for him, we walked right into BRU and straight up to the Graco Lauren and fell in love. We wouldn’t be getting a built-in storage unit but thanks to a little common sense from my mom, I soon realized that I’ll be able to add my own storage {a simple bin or basket} and hide it neatly away beneath the bed skirt! That way when it’s time for Keelin to transition out of crib mode, I’ll still be able to use the storage containers elsewhere in the room/house. Moms are so smart! 🙂

So the Graco Lauren was the winner and we made the purchase with a great feeling of accomplishment! Even with its numerous capabilities {we realized during assembly that the spring is also adjustable so as she grows and attempts to escape, we can lower the height of the mattress and make it much safer!} and overall awesomeness, it still only ran us a sweet $180. Not too shabby! Especially when you can walk around your local BRU and see cribs costing upwards of $600! With a price tag that heavy I’d expect my crib to change and burp the baby too.

As an additional bonus, it only took a week to get here so impatient ME didn’t have to sit and fidget in anticipation for TOO long! As soon as BRU called to let me know it was in I texted Z to tell him we had plans that evening and they were all about ASSEMBLY! I had heard horror stories of couples having the most difficult time assembling their cribs so I made sure we had plenty of time to work.

Z was super excited to get started…

and we got right down to it! The dogs helped. {and by helped I mean were totally in the way the entire time. But they are cute so we let them stay. It’s about time they learned there’s about to be a new attention hog in the house!}

I tried to document the WHOLE process but I’m not the kind of girl to sit back and let the hubby have all the ASSEMBLY fun so I did my fair share. 🙂 I was shocked at how easy the process was. In NO TIME {and with no complications} we were done!

Then it was my turn to make the bed… er CRIB!

Buster wanted to help. And in doing so, found a new hiding place under the crib skirt! I think it was at this point that the pups started suspecting something is really going to change. They had lots of little pow wows:

TA DA! Keelin’s crib is READY and WAITING for her arrival!

The lighting on this one is a little odd but it gives you a little perspective as to where the crib is in reference to the rest of the room. You can see the railing of the stairs out through the door and the closet is over to the right by the lazy boston terriers. Oh, and the paint cans and paper towels are not part of the finished product! 🙂

And now I have yet another reason to want to spend ALL of my time in the nursery instead of doing anything else!

So… what do you think? Think Keelin will be satisfied?

Until next time…

Do you have any furniture assembly horror stories or super successes? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

11 thoughts on “Nursery Centerpiece…Check!

  1. Sara! I love the crib!!! We looked at the Graco Lauren too! It looks perfect! I think that Keelin will LOVE her new bed 🙂 Tell your mom good thinking on the storage bins under the bed! Perfect storage for toys and things that she won’t need until she is a little bigger! Cannot wait to get our nursery going! It all starts on October 1st! HAHA! I am counting down the days 🙂 So excited for you!

    • Thanks Kristin! I’m so in love and TRUST me when I say, make sure you set aside specific times to do nursery business otherwise you won’t want to do anything else 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you have in store for baby C!

  2. What a wonderful crib, and you and she are going to love it. Will the rocker be staying in the room?! Believe it or not, that was by far the most important piece of furniture in the nursery for us, the first few months. You spend more time rocking that lovable bundle, nursing, feeding, etc. Make sure there’s a small end table beside the rocker and also a foot stool of some kind. 🙂

    • Thank you Kay, and YES… we snagged the glider specifically for the nursery, complete with a gliding ottoman for my footsies! It’s right in front of the crib and right next to the desk unit so the perfect placement!

  3. Have E and Z ever talked about their dislike of Wal-Mart? It’s funny on my side, too, but I only go to Wal-Mart now in desperate times.

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