BABY POOL and other fun new things!!

Hello again! Guess what… TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! Unless of course you are reading this tomorrow, in which case ‘tomorrow’ is ‘today’, and today is Friday… The important thing is, IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND! I have a ton of nursery projects that I’m looking forward to getting finished this weekend and I’ll be sure to share with you asap! Please try to contain your excitement.

What you can get excited about is something a little different… If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve made some changes to the pages above! When you get a chance to check things out, click around a bit and see what’s new!

I have new links to my favorite projects on the diy page {I’ll be adding some favorites from other bloggers as well!} and some fantastic recipes on the foodie love page! I’m still working on the movie reviews {and by ‘working on’ I mean trying to decide how to set it up… any suggestions? Should I keep it similar to the MAD MOVIE MONDAY posts from the pasts or change it up?} so pardon my “dust” on the mad about movies page.

But most importantly, take a look at the little manatee page to see progression photos of my ever-expanding belly, ultrasound pictures {coming soon} and cast your vote on my baby pool poll!

Keelin’s due date is December 26 but we all know little ones rarely arrive when they’re expected to. I have my suspicions, but I want to know when YOU think she’ll arrive!

And don’t forget… I always welcome comments! The good, the bad and the down-right flattering. 🙂

So any time you see something you like, don’t like, hate, loathe, love, think I should change, think could be done better or can’t live without… let me know! Just keep it clean folks… I’ll be {happily} dealing with enough CRAP in a few months, I’d rather not have to clean up any extra.

Until next time…

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