Pregnant in tights and a tutu

Don’t worry, I didn’t actually try to squeeze myself into tights and a tutu for dance class this week… but wouldn’t THAT be a sight to see?!

awesome Pixlr skillzzz, eh?

I did, however, pop on my all-time favorite yoga pants, tank top and sports bra for an evening of trying to do dance moves that used to be super easy but are now made nearly impossible by a certain little manatee. It was actually pretty comical and VERY eye-opening for yours truly. It was about 20 minutes into the evening-o-dance that I discovered… the time has finally come.

After nearly 6 months of cookin my little bun, I’ve reached the point where, physically, I’m starting to realize that I am pregnant. Not that my body didn’t actually realize it before {hello morning sickness, funky cravings, baby kicks and a protruding belly} but up until the last few weeks I’ve basically been able to do everything I did before little manatee’s existence. You know, quickly scale the steps after forgetting something upstairs {preggo-brain}, bend over to pick up the dogs’ bowls, paint my toe nails, SHAVE MY LEGS… you name it, things were basically normal. Since the SIDEWAYS show in June, I’ve definitely been more cautious when dancing – no excessive jumping, no staying flat on my back for a long period of time, no going upside down, etc. but overall when I’d actually do the movements things felt pretty much the same as they always did. This, my friends, is no longer the case.

Last week’s modern and ballet classes really sent me into a whole new world of pregnant. I told the instructors not to worry about altering their classes for me, that I would just adjust things myself based on what felt comfortable. Let’s just say there was plenty of adjusting going on for those 2 hours.

Plies were fine {the extra weight in my center actually helped me sit into my hips more than I thought} and battements {kicks} to the front and sides were also surprisingly simple. I was a total pro at anything that involved rolling from my back to my side, considering Keelin and gravity kind of made it happen without my needing me at all, and felt fairly comfortable with most of the balancing since I my ‘center’ is much more pronounced now than it ever was before.

HOWEVER… on the not-so-good side of the spectrum were most leaps, jumps and turns. Not to mention that anything that involved lifting my leg behind more than a few inches off the ground would send my upper body falling forward. I’m sure I was sheer entertainment for the rest of the dancers in the class.

But it’s not just dance where things are getting more challenging.

I painted my toenails a few nights ago and it not only took me twice as long, having to totally reposition my body so I wasn’t squishing Keelin as I leaned over to reach my tootsies, but the fumes got to me a lot faster than normal.

In attempt to maintain the strength in my lower body {and to help with labor} I’ve started doing deep squats whenever I need to pick something up off the floor. Ergo, if you were to visit my house in the mornings you’d get quite a show, with the main event being the up and down squat-fest that is feeding the dogs. It goes a little something like this… pick the bowls up {they each have their own}, scoop the food, put the bowls back down {on opposite sides of the frig so Buster doesn’t eat all of Pigs’ food before he can finish it himself}, pick up the water dish, fill IT up, put it back down…you get the picture. UP, down, UP, down, squat, straighten, yada yada yada. It’s quite a work out… and all in my bathrobe. Yeah.

This mindless rambling really has no purpose outside of giving myself a marker as to when Keelin’s gestation really started changing things up. Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it and I feel I was changed as a person from the first time I saw that “pregnant” reading on the pee-stick, but I’m one of those people that likes to document events and milestones. And while this might not seem like a huge deal to many people, it’s a big one for me. Plus while constantly hearing things like “I didn’t even realize you were pregnant”, “she’s gonna be a tiny one” and “you are still so small, and all belly” I suppose this part of the process is just a reminder that I’m one step {or waddle} closer to worrying about not dropping my sweet girl when I lean down to pick up the dog’s bowls rather than whether or not my squat form is correct.

Until next time…

For all you moms and mom-to-be’s, what were some of the first everyday changes you notices during your pregnancy? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!


6 thoughts on “Pregnant in tights and a tutu

  1. Although I don’t actually have very many memories of being pregnant (and if I do, they are negative ones — like the virus that had me choosing whether to sit on or kneel down and the labor that began at 26 weeks) BUT I will say I am a huge advocate of documenting everything. I should show you my digital scrapbooking world. My biggest advice is not to avoid dropping Keelin on her head, rather to document with photos and words every step of the years. It’ll be over before you can say, “I don’t know where the years have gone.” Love love, Lauren

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