Eff you hormones

Today {aka the last 4 hours} has been exceptionally rough in the “hormone management” department and I’m in need of a little vent session. Congratulations, you’re officially invited… and attending.

Basically my HEIGHTENED preggo hormones have been serving up one punch after another and I’m not too happy about it!

Thankfully, my pregnancy hasn’t really had that many issues with hormone overload. The tears have been quite few, yelling is non-existent and I’ve actually been surprised at how relaxed I’ve been in even the most stressful of situations. Even those tedious little issues that normally would send me into a frenzy have been a breeze thus far. However, apparently there is a wolf pack of snarling, scratching, drooling hormones that have been waiting in anticipation for the perfect moment to pounce on me and my happy-go-lucky pregnant self, and they chose today… those furry bitches.

Here’s how it all went down:

There I was, sitting at the office, minding my own business and attempting to organize myself for the rest of the week when a sudden rush of anxiety swept over me. I instantly realized how tired I was and, although it’s the basic tired level I feel most days, I started to get really flustered about it. I started Google-ing safe ways to boost energy when your pregnant, texting Z to tell him just how exhausted I am and how he needs to help me make sure I go to bed earlier from now on, contemplating if I should take a 1/2 day and go home to rest, you get the gist. Super fun, eh?

Then came the uppercut of worry that my bosses might be noticing my lack of energy and focus and it all could be jeopardizing my job. What if they look at my productivity during the day and feel like it’s not up to their standards? Who wants an emotional, flurried pregnant woman on their team? What use will I be in three months anyway? EEEEEKKK! {deep breaths, take sips of water, have some Smarties}

Then, in an attempt to provide a change of pace and possibly remove some of the anxiety I decided to take a quick peek on Facebook {the perfect solution for someone who is worried about their productivity, right?} to see if there were any updates on my dear friend Sylvia, who welcomed her sweet baby into the world this morning. You know, take a few moments to clear my head of whatever I was working on in hopes that the shift in activity might help calm me down. It worked, for about a minute. Then it happened… I saw a picture of that sweet baby girl, all 6 lbs 12 oz of the gorgeous Gloria Ruth Bass… and I lost it. My eyes instantly filled with tears and I had to slink down in my chair so no one would see me being a big ol’ pregnant cry baby. She’s such a beautiful baby and it made me realize that Z and I are only a few months from having our own. Then I got a rush of joy for Sylvia and her husband Scott and the sudden urge NEED to leave the office and go visit them all. {welling tears, racing thoughts, roller coaster rides of emotion, tons of fun in preggo-land}

I’m feeling better after a quick walk through the office, an inspirational “shake it off” moment in the ladies’ room and this little vent session. But to all those hormones who are still waiting to pounce on me when I’m at my most vulnerable point… knock it off whores! Quit being such bullies and go back to the days of happy-go-lucky pregnant bliss. K? Thanks.

Until next time…

I KNOW I’m not the only one, so time to spill it… It’s share and tell time people and today’s topic is “My worst hormonal meltdown was when…” Go. Share. Join me in my chaos.

*I do not claim to own the above photo, link provided.

4 thoughts on “Eff you hormones

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