A quick peek into Keelin’s cool and calming room!

There’s not a single thing about this nursery that I don’t absolutely love.

It’s not quite ready for the FULL REVEAL but I thought I would give you another sneak peak of some of the more recent progress. 🙂

Keelin’s closet… the long white dress on the right is actually a dress for me. My mom found it up in the attic and it’s so beautiful. Vintage! I hope I can put it to good use… perhaps in maternity pictures!?

Above the crib. A few things of ours and plenty of hers. The creepy little wolf on the right is from our friend Dave who said “Keelin will either love this or be terrified of it”. It’s eyes follow you around the room which is definitely hitting high on my creepy-scale but I like to think that he’s watching over the room in protection. 🙂 At least that makes me feel better when I get spooked by him!

a beautiful glider we found on craig’s list in perfect condition, along with a few storage baskets and two grandma-knit blankets. The one on top was my blanket when I was a baby

soft and sweet blankets! noticing a theme with all the baskets?

This nursery is turning out to be everything I ever dreamed it would be… and hasn’t sent my bank account screaming for safety! The color is so warm and soothing, I find myself just sitting in there looking around. It’s definitely my favorite room in the house and the perfect place to go after a long tiring day. I hope Keelin finds it to provide the same calming sense of peace when she’s finally here!

I know that’s a bit of a tease but it is just a taste to keep you coming back for more! And trust, me there’s plenty more!

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “A quick peek into Keelin’s cool and calming room!

    • Aw, thank you! My mother actually put together a collection of my old baby clothes and a picture of me in each little outfit for my first shower. It was so sweet and I had to keep some of the photos with me! What are your nursery plans?

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