Better late than never… Cousins come to GA!

A few weekends ago we were blessed with a visit from Z’s cousin, Sarah. You’ve met her before… although the focus of the last post she was in was more about her GIANT furry family member, Remus.

Well… for those of you who are new to Life in these times… , allow me to fill you in.

Sarah and her hubby Brian decided it was time to expand their family by adding a four-legged friend about the same time Z and I made a similar decision and brought home Buster and Pigsby. In fact, Remus and the Bostons are only a few days apart in age… although you’d never know it by looking at them. Let me show you what I mean. This are some snapshots of the puppy-cousins when they first met last Thanksgiving. They were all only just at 5 months old.

Clearly, the Boston’s look more like chew toys compared to the BEAST that is the Irish Wolfhound… aka the worlds biggest breed.

While Remus may look menacing by his size alone, he’s actually a complete scaredy cat. It took him quite a while to feel comfortable enough around the pups to get out from behind Sarah’s legs when they came around him and actually start playing!

Needless to say we were super excited to have them visit and couldn’t wait to see the three puppy-cousins in action once again. Unfortunately, Buster and Pigs had to be quarantined the whole weekend for acting like snotty little bitches and ATTACKING Remus! Yes, my two, super sweet albeit incredibly mischievous, 20 lb Boston Terriers attacked their BFG cousin. {That’s Big Friendly Giant for those of you who did not have the pleasure of diving into Roald Dahl during grade school.} What turned into a “getting to know you” dance of sorts… aka Remus trying to keep track of both pups as they circled around his feet and underneath his enormous legs… quickly, and to my complete horror, turned into Pigs latching on to Remus’ ear {drawing blood} causing the BFG to whimper and cower in fear. So instead of getting some super adorable puppy-cousin time, this is what the Boston’s weekend looked like:

bad dogs

And this is what their weekend looked like once they started whining like little babies that Remus got to be out and about having fun…

hushed bad dogs

Out of sight… out of mind. I was so pissed at them and CONTINUOUSLY apologized to Sarah for what happened but she reminded me that this is their turf and although they are super tiny in comparison, they have dominance over the house. The first time they met they were on neutral ground so it makes sense that they would be much more territorial in this meeting. Ah well. Sarah, Remus and I still managed to have a great weekend. Z had to work most of the time so Sarah and I had a chance to catch up and have some girly fun looking through JoAnn fabric for craft ideas for the nursery! I also introduced Sarah to the one and only FLYING BISCUIT which she quickly fell in love with {as if there was any doubt}. All in all it was a wonderful visit and I’m so thankful we could make it happen. Here are a few more shots of all the fun {all the fun that the Boston’s missed out on… so sad}.

UGH! love that face! Our next dog purchase {which probably won’t be until after Buster and Pigs kick the bucket} will definitely be a big dog!


Kisses for mama

Until next time…

Have you ever experienced a KUJO moment from one of your pets that is normally super sweet?

4 thoughts on “Better late than never… Cousins come to GA!

  1. Hahaha poor Pigs and Buster, i felt bad for their en-kennelment (if thats a word). Maybe if y’all ever get a chance to visit us it’ll be Remus crated for the weekend… Yay for the shout out! I’ll be stealing some of those pictures 🙂

    • No worries, they deserved every minute of confinement! I have some more pics that I’ll add to facebook (eventually) but these were the best so steal away! If you want me to email them to you I can do that as well!

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