Pigsby’s Day Out

Happy Friday everyone! Guess what, It’s storytime! This story is about a brave little puppy who set out to explore the vast landscape that is… Georgia. So boys and girls, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Pigs got out on Wednesday.  Out of the house, out of the fenced-in back yard, OUT! And he had himself a little adventure.

Z and I are fortunate enough to have a fenced-in back yard. I don’t know what I would do with those two crazy pups if we couldn’t just open the back door and let them run around. Well, I take that back. I would probably do what I ended up doing for about an hour that day… PANIC!
Z was home from work when he let the pups outside for a bit. Nothing out of the norm, same ol’ same ol’.  About 30 minutes later he looked and Buster was standing at the door looking in. Both pups are generally together when they come to the door but it’s not something to be alarmed by when one or the other of them is there staring at us alone. SO, Z opened the door and let him in without a second thought. He shut the door and right as he got back to the couch to sit down he looked back and Buster was staring back outside: something very unusual for a pup that was just begging to come in. So he got back up to let him out again but right as Buster stepped out of the door and onto the patio, he stopped and looked back at Z. Also unusual for a pup who was just begging to get outside.
At this point Z called for Pigs and didn’t get a response. Usually when we call for them, if we don’t see them immediately we can at least hear some kind of rustling of leaves as they come tearing across the yard. But no sound. No pigs.  W.T.F.
Z stepped outside to investigate further and Buster started walking toward the far right edge of the fence. The side that faces our least favorite neighbors and the place where their yappy lab mix puppy, Moses is usually tied up. Buster walked over to the fence, pointed out the justbigenoughforpigstosqueezethrough hole and looked back at Z. Oh Shiz.
At this point Z put Buster back in the house and went on a number of scans. He walked through the neighborhood calling Pigs’ name. He drove through the neighborhood calling Pigs’ name out the window. He drove around the outskirts of the neighborhood calling Pigs’ name and looking for any sign that “PIGZ WUZ HERRE”. He even got the word out to any neighbors who were outside in their yards, including the Comcast guy working on the satellite dish next door.
Now, for those of you who haven’t been with Life in these times… long, allow me fill you in a little on Pigs.

8 weeks old. Only a few days after he joined the family. Here it’s obvious why we named him PIGS

Pigs is what we like to call our little SPEDlette {Special Ed} dog. He’s darn cute, but not all there. He was the runt of the litter, earned himself a night in the emergency room after catching pneumonia last Thanksgiving and usually gets winded simply by running across the house in the excitement of knowing he’s about to be fed.

It’s not uncommon for him to fall asleep half way through playtime (aka chewtime)

He’s “special”. He kind of reminds me of ED the hyena from The Lion King.

I think it’s his crazy eyes and that whole “I have no idea what’s going on but I’m happy about it” look.
He’s also a snuggle-bug. If you are in our house, guest or frequent visitor, and you sit on the floor, he will do everything in his power to get into your lap.

He’s super lovable and would follow anyone, stranger or not, into the sparkliest of candy lands or darkest abyss of terror. That’s Pigs.
Needless to say we were quite concerned for his well-being during his grand adventure. Not only that he might run out into traffic or be picked up by some puppy-eating lunatic, but that walking around too long in the mid-day heat/sun would be too much for his little spedlette lungs to handle.
After about an hour and numerous trips out and about searching, Z decided to check a slightly more extended area around our house and neighborhood, anywhere with people, really. There is an elementary school across from our neighborhood and a Kroger right down the block so he thought he’d scope them out first.
As he was driving around he decided to turn into the neighborhood next to ours {next, but not exactly CLOSE… especially from the perspective of a foot-high, 20 lb, lazy-eyed boston terrier}. A few turns and he finally spotted him: trotting along the sidewalk behind the mail man, happy as a clam and panting {aka wheezing} like his life depended on it {which it most likely did}. Z pulled up, called, “Pigsby!” in the tone of “you dumb-ass” and watched as Pigs turned right around and headed toward him. Z texted me to share the news and I was beyond relieved, then I was just annoyed at the fact that he was dumb enough to pull off such an escape. Actually, for a full understanding of my thought process throughout this whole ordeal, as I sat in my office 40 minutes from home knowing there was NOTHING I could do to help, here’s my basic train of thought:

-Receive text from Z that Pigs had gotten out
“Ugh… stupid dog, what a pain in the butt! First they tear the house apart, now this. ”

-Remember that Pigs doesn’t have a collar or any kind of ID that would link him back to us and is kind of Special Ed
“OH MY GOD, someone is going to steal him or he’s going to walk out into traffic thinking a car is some giant toy to play with and I will be heartbroken for life!!!”

-Hearing that Z still hasn’t seen any sign of him after almost an hour.
“I should leave work. I should leave right now and help look for him. I’m such a terrible puppy-parent. PANIC, WORRY, PANIC, WORRY, PANIC”

- Get news from Z that he’d been found
quick sigh of relief  “YAY! Hubby found him!… Ugh… stupid dog”

So I’m definitely happy to report that Pigs is safe and sound and didn’t wind up in the arms of some psycho puppy eater or as roadkill… puh. Z said he was quite overheated when he finally got a hold of him and passed out on the cool kitchen floor, still panting, after drinking his weight in water. Yay Pigs!… stupid dog.
In other news… MAJOR kudos to Buster for not following Pigs right out of that hole, but I guess someone needed to be the responsible sibling and rat out his little brother.
In the end I learned a few very valuable lessons:
Number one: Always have an ID on your pets, even if you have the “security” of a fenced-in back yard. We went out that night and snagged two brand new collars with ID tags.  They are so stylish now.

And camera-shy apparently! Pigs is in red, Buster in blue!

Number two: While they drive me crazy and have caused more around-the-house damage to last me a lifetime, I love these pups and would be terribly heartbroken if either one were to disappear.
And so life for Pigsby continues in the Pierce household… that is until Z punts him out the door for destroying one of his instruments.

Until next time…
Any guesses to what crazy adventures the pups will get into next?

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