New Nursery Update!

Happy Monday friends!

I hope everyone survived Irene with little to no damage to your homes and yards! We were fortunate enough to not get even a single gust of wind from Ol’ Irene. My parents came down from VA on Friday and bypassed the storm for the weekend. It was quite surreal to be out shopping on a GORGEOUS day in Georgia, without a single cloud in the sky, knowing that Irene was laying the smackdown up north. I mean seriously Mother Nature… what put your panties in such a twist that you felt the need to send earthquakes, fires, floods and hurricanes to the east coast all in one week? Boo, hiss.

But enough nature bashing, onto a more important topic… SWEET BABY KEELIN!

I am the type of person who gets overly excited about things like sheets, curtains and towels so it’s not a shocker that I just about peed my pants this weekend when mom set out to BRU on a little shopping adventure that ended in us ordered Keelin’s crib and bringing home her bedding!

SQUEEEE! It’s so adorable.

But before the big reveal, a little back-story on how the final decision was made. In terms of the crib, started by seeking some advice from my all-time favorite DIY couple, Sherry and John Petersik at Young House Love. Their ability to find the best products for the best price, at the best quality is UNCANNY and I wanted to make sure I made a smart decision. I did a lot of searching for a crib that was in our budget and could last us well past Keelin’s toddler years. A good majority of cribs now are convertible so it was easy to find something that fit our taste and, with sweet hubby’s help, we finally decided on this one:

simple, clean and convertible!

Graco Lauren Classic Crib in White. Nothing too fancy, just enough to keep baby girl safe and sound! *As a tip for others who are crib shopping… make sure you actually visit places like BRU and test out the cribs. By test out I do NOT mean jumping inside and seeing how much weight and wriggling they can handle, but make sure you experiment with leaning over the edge as if you’re picking your little nugget up. It was a helpful hint that came in handy when we were shopping around.*

Now time for the bedding story!

I wanted something fairly neutral since falling in love with my beige & white paint choice but so many of the sets I found seemed to be either WAY too embellished {and WAY too expensive} or far too plain. Baby girl DOES deserve a little something special after all!

For a while I was leaning toward this adorable elephant set from KidsLine…

too precious!

…but the more I looked at it the less in love I felt. Don’t get me wrong, the elephants are just what I was looking for but the more I contemplated actually purchasing the set, the more I just wasn’t seeing the green fitting in well enough with my cream-theme. Plus even though it was listed in the “gender neutral” category, I still felt it said “boy” more than anything else. {Hello, my name is Sara and I put way too much thought into these things}

So, needless to say the elephants were out {but don’t worry, there are, and will be PLENTY of elephants elsewhere!} and I decided I wanted something less focused on an image or character and more on a pattern. So after plenty of google searches for “beige crib bedding”, “neutral nursery bedding” and “baby bedding that doesn’t make my eyes bleed” I found the winner!

Like I said before… SQUEEEEE!

I absolutely LOVE it. It’s CoCaLo Snickerdoodle Dream with Me and it’s currently in stock at BRU.

Now I know some of you might be thinking, “Hold the phone mommy-to-be… those certainly don’t look like ELEPHANTS… what about your elephant theme? Are you going all jungle on us?”

Nay nay friends. I do realize that the animal inspiration for this bedding is, in fact, a giraffe {another personal favorite} but I decided to stick with JUST the bedding set for its patterns and colors. Although the 6-piece set {which includes a quilt, bumper, fitted sheet, dust ruffle, security blanket and sleep sack} does come with a few giraffe embellishments, I couldn’t resist the cuteness!

It’s a little hard to see from the photos but one of my favorite parts of the bedding is that each of the different quilted patterns is a different texture. I thought it would be a fun bit of stimulation for Keelin and something fun to play with.

So now that the crib AND bedding are taken care of, I can focus on more fun decorating! Mom and I got a lot done over the weekend {pictures coming soon} I’m already working on a number of fun crafty projects that I can’t wait to share!

SO… tell me what you think!

Until next time…

What are some other tips moms would give for bedding and crib shopping? Did you learn that splurging on a more expensive crib was worth it in the long haul?

8 thoughts on “New Nursery Update!

  1. Sara,
    Your choice(s) were amazingly cuddly……I’ve had four kids so when it comes to bedding, buying the most expensive is NEVER a good idea. I too had elephants for our (1st) daughter, and that comforter, with the elephant ear hanging off of it so you can squeeze it and touch it, last to kid #3……I still have pieces of it…lol…still can’t make myself throw it away! I love the crib you choose….and trust me with the first, everything is sterile, wiped, cleaned, dropped and re-cleaned, bla bla bla but once you have had 4……it really does get easier and you learn a lot of things that you wasted your money, time and energy on….every mom goes thru it and you will too….However, I do recommend the vibrating seat for the baby, it will be the best, most awesome thing you will ever have for your child….and u! Good luck to you and Z with “motherhood” its the best thing that we share as husband and wive…<3

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  3. Soooo, I love the bedding choice, I chose it too….but two years later 🙂 I am searching for nursery decor ideas and came across your blog. I love the elephant idea and using canvas’s for a DIY instead of buying specific wall decor–which by the way is impossible to find!!!! Baby is due in 4 weeks and I am still trying to find something to put on our COMPLETELY blank nursery walls! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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