Worried about weight gain… but not how you might think

YES… I’m worried about my current weight gain predicament. But I’m not worried that I’m gaining too much weight, I’m worried that I’m not gaining enough!

I can clearly see that my belly is growing, and my last appointment with the ultrasound tech told me that Keelin is growing just fine and is right on schedule for December {a huge relief for my overly concerned noggin}. It’s just that when I look at the scale, knowing I’m over ½ way to the end, and see a number equal or LESS THAN that of the number the week before… I panic! Not to mention the countless times during the day when people tell me over and over again how tiny I still am. Normally that would be something I’d be flattered to hear but not when each comment makes me feel less and less healthy.

I am so worried that I’m doing something wrong in terms of keeping Keelin healthy and safe while she grows and preps for her grand entrance. People {including one of the other doctors at my midwife’s office} keep telling me not to worry, that the weight will come, but I can’t help thinking that something isn’t right. Perhaps it’s because I have about a million girlfriends who are also pregnant right now, and reading their blogs and status updates noting their healthy and consistent weight gain through the weeks puts me on edge. I realize that I had to do some catching up to do from the first trimester when I did nothing but lose weight.

Here’s the thing… I’M NOT HUNGRY. I mean, don’t get me wrong, when it comes time to eat I’m definitely ready but I have to force myself to stop during the day and make myself a snack; especially at the office. Maybe it’s a matter of being seated for 90% of the day, but something about that truck driver appetite I keep reading all about hasn’t kicked in. When you’re hungry you’re hungry and when you’re not, it can actually be difficult to make yourself eat.

All I want to know is that I’m doing right for my sweet little girl and this preggo paranoia is really starting to get to me.

I’d love to hear from moms and current preggos who are facing or have faced a similar situation. Did the hunger finally kick in? Were you just as anxious and nervous before hand? Did you find a simple way to remind yourself to eat during the day and what kinds of foods did you find felt less like force-feeding when you ate them?


Until next time…

7 thoughts on “Worried about weight gain… but not how you might think

  1. mom status here – i had “morning sickness” with both daughters – all 9 months mornings, with the 1st, 24/7 with the 2nd. hence, “hunger” did not kick in. i looked at food and liquids as something i was feeding my baby, not me. made my daily food goals out and set out to achieve them through each day, 1 day at a time. made it. actually forgot about it until i read your blog. milk was awesome bcs it was fluid, protein & carb — helped me make my goals. stay focused on you & baby and how you 2 feel. don’t let outside observations panic you. your body is programmed to do this. you will be fine. – Cindy Reed

  2. Hey there! DON’T WORRY!!!! As long as doctor says you and baby are fine, I am sure that you are!!! I lost 10 lbs in the first 3 months because I was so sick. I have just recently gained 2 lbs back according to the doctors scale, but mine at home (which I think is pretty accurate) still said this morning that I had lost another pound. I am barely showing… most of it is at night when I am super bloated feeling. Take everything with a grain of salt! No need to stress a momma out! 🙂 When Keelin gets hungry, she will let you know and then you can eat! 🙂 I am hungry during the day but do not crave bad things like fat and grease lol- I want fruit!!! And at night when I should be eatting dinner, I am not hungry at ALL! I might eat a half of a plate, if that. Aaron says I don’t wat enough to keep a bird alive! But momma knows best so do what you feel and when you do get hungry, you won’t feel so bad for eatting everything in sight 🙂

  3. Sara, I definitely did not have that problem but just because that’s the ‘majority’ doesn’t mean that’s normal for everyone. I would make sure not skipping meals and eat healthy snacks if possible one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner… Anything healthy if fine… Nuts. Fruits. Yogurts. Granola. Veggies. Etc. And just make sure your eating enough protein… Don’t feel like you have to eat 2 steaks but enough for satiety. Your amazing and I know you would never do anything to hurt your angel. I promise you will be thankful after! LoL a girl I worked with looked like 4 months when she delivered full term… Some people just get lucky and have ” small genes ” . Best of luck, I’m so excited for you!
    with love,
    alison parrish (stafford)

  4. Keelin is getting plenty of nurishment, seems she is taking it all from you! Get your protein in and you will do fine. Keep the creams and lotion handy to keep the stretch marks away……I am one big stretch mark caused I gained it all in the last 2 months!
    You are beautiful and I can’t wait to see Keelin in December!!

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