More Manatee sweetness

HURRAY! More sweet things for little manatee!
My mother-in-law was sweet enough to have lunch with me recently and brought these adorable keepsakes. I’m currently obsessed with elephants and using them as the theme of the nursery {instead of basing the room on a bright color} so these were all a pleasant and sincerely touching surprise!

The stuffed elephant is pretty self explanatory… and by that I mean totally adorable and super snuggly. The name on his tag is Winks… TOO CUTE!
The red and black cloth is actually a beautiful piece from CHINA! I’ll have to find out more about it’s history but I plan on having it framed to hang in the nursery!
The last two pieces of cuteness are hard to see in the top photo so I snagged a close up:

HOW BEAUTIFUL! She said these were given to her by a coworker and thought they were perfect. I can’t wait to find little places to put them around the nursery!
We have only just begin getting things set up. I’ve mentioned it before but the soon-to-be-nursery is currently our office so we’re in the process of transporting things in and out to make it little manatee worthy!
Trust me, there will be plenty of updates on that as we go along!

Until next time… 

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