Master Bedroom Overhaul

I love our bedroom.
This wasn’t always the case.
Well, let me rephrase… I’ve always loved our bedroom for it’s vaulted ceiling, quirky layout and, well, for personal reasons. 🙂 But there’s always been one huge EYESORE of a problem with our bedroom.
Overall we really lucked out with this house when we first purchased it because it was completely painted and, for the most part, matched our style perfectly! From the vertical stripes in the living room and the bright yellow and green in the kitchen to the dictionary page wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom {yes!} it was basically all done for us! There were, of course, a few bumps and scratches along the walls here and there but generally it was perfect. SANS our bedroom.
Here’s what it looked like when we first moved in:


While the layout is great, and I absolutely love how right side wall cuts inward for the bathroom and that top decorative shelf, the color is truly heinous. The coral orange isn’t too terrible but the puke yellow/green sponge paint is close to unbearable. It’s kind of hard to see {a little more noticeable in the 2nd photo} but the sponging would go from straight and patterned yellow to huffed-a-little-too-much-paint sporadic green. It made no sense and truly hurt my interior-designer-wannabe brain.

Pain us as it did, it’s taken is a YEAR to finally tackle it. Perhaps it was the nesting instinct kicking in that prompted me to spend the 4th of July weekend elbow deep in paint!… just perhaps!
But what to paint it?
I wanted something calm and serene… what a bedroom should be… and found some beautiful color ideas on my GO TO DIY blog, Young House Love.  They are frugal, fun, and fantastic at all they do!
About 6 months ago {when the overhaul “began} I bought some really simple forest green curtains for that large bay window in the first image… where our bed sits. You might remember them from this post. Those curtains became the inspiration for the rest of the room so I went searching for the perfect colors. Eventually we snagged these Glidden paint tester colors from Home Depot.

We decided the light green was a little too dark and a little too blue so we ended up going with something much more pale. Obviously with the bun in the oven I didn’t want to expose myself to too many fumes so we took another tip from the Petersik’s and color matched to Olympic No VOC paint. Fewer chemicals, hardly any fumes and recommended for pregnant women and nurseries. PERFECT!
So, I went to town at Lowe’s {terrible that I cheated on Home Depot but Lowe’s was having a 4th of July paint sale!} and went to TOWN. Unfortunately we didn’t have ANY paint supplies so I was basically starting from scratch. A larger bill {and the sale definitely helped knock some major bucks off} but I’m stocked up for the nursery and other future projects!
I was really worried that I would have to do a million coats of primer to cover up the hideoderousness of the vomit grellow sponge paint, not to mention the walls are textured, but I was happy to find that one coat covered quite nicely.
Rather than talking you through the process… allow me to SHOW you how it all went down!

What a mess! EVERYTHING in the center of the room and the walls primed! 1 coat did the job just fine considering we were planning on doing 2 coats of color!
First coat of the pale green. We had to mark the dark green walls with X’s because we kept painting the trim the wrong color! 
the beginnings of dark green!
Absolutely love this color!
CLEARLY one coat wouldn’t be enough. 
finished product with most of the furniture back in its place
my favorite part of the room, the bed nook 

 So… what do you think?
BIG improvement, right?

Until next time…
Have you done any large paint jobs recently? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

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