Hump Day Bump Day – 16w2d

It’s time for a NEW weekly staple on Life in these times… , compliments of Little Manatee!
I thought since people are always wanting to see the progress of baby bumps that I would HAPPILY make it happen!
Welcome to Hump Day Bump Day!
Nothing special, just the latest pic of me and sweet baby girl plus your standard pregnancy survey!

And yes, those are chips on the dresser behind me!

*How far along?
     16 weeks in the photo, 16 weeks 2 days today!
*Total weight gain/loss:
     1 lb total gained {I lost 4 lbs when I first got pregnant and have only now caught back up}
*How big is baby?
     AVOCADO! I prefer the fruit analogies. Helps you really imagine it!
*Maternity clothes?
     I don’t really need them but I did go shopping and snagged some fab finds!
*Stretch Marks?
     Thankfully no, and using lotion and Bert’s Bees Baby Belly Balm like CRAZY to keep them as minimal as possible!
*Best moment this week?
     Going to our appointment, seeing sweet baby, hearing the heartbeat and learning the sex!
     Not yet… I can’t wait!
*Food Cravings?
     Nothing specific, lots of salty things though.
*What I miss:
     This probably makes me sound like an alcoholic, but especially over the 4th of July weekend, I missed my small glass of Amaretto after dinner!
*What I am looking forward to:
     Getting 100% confirmation on the sex… so I can go SHOPPING!
     None! {Knock on wood!} It seems I’m finally past the morning sickness!
*Labor signs?
     We’re 90% sure it’s a little GIRL! Unless something was hidden between her tiny legs, we’ll confirm it in 4 weeks. 
*Belly Button in or out?
     Still in!
*Wedding rings on or off?
     ON! They have always been a little loose so I’m hoping that helps me keep them on!
     Sleeping well, although this weekend I woke a lot in anticipation of learning the sex!
*Weekly Wisdom:
     Not sure if this is “wisdom” but I’ve been reminded of how lucky I am to have Z as a husband. He’s been so supportive and a huge help around the house! I’m definitely feeling more blessed than ever!

Until next time…

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