Looks like we (might) have a winner!

Our 16 week appointment yesterday was absolutely wonderful! We saw sweet baby on the ultrasound and heard the heartbeat and some KICKS loud and clear! Baby certainly is a mover!
I didn’t realize until getting there that the standard “sex reveal” ultrasound at my doc isn’t until 20 weeks when they give you an EXTENSIVE check-em-up-and-down ultrasound to make sure everything is developing right with baby, BUT being the impatient mommy-to-be that I am, I opted for an early ultrasound to try and determine the sex!
The ultrasound technician told us that she was only 90% sure but the current verdict is…


Nothin between those skinny legs!

So unless Little Manatee is hiding something to give mommy and daddy a surprise in 4 more weeks, it looks like we’re in store for a lifetime of bows and Z being wrapped around one tiny little finger! We both thought it was going to be a boy {apparently tons of parents assume the opposite} but are thrilled either way.

Until next time…
Do you know anyone who thought they were having a girl and were surprised with little boy parts when they delivered???

3 thoughts on “Looks like we (might) have a winner!

  1. Well I was supposed to be a boy and surprised everybody with the lack of little boy parts… Good thing my older sister had been insisting I'd be a girl named Sarah, otherwise I don't know if they'd've had a name ready 😛

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