Baby Belly Beach Bums… HELP ME FRIENDS!

I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands and I’m turning to you, my beautiful blogger buddies, to help me make a VERY IMPORTANT DECISION. 
Brace yourselves and PLEASE let your opinions run free!
So, as you know, I’m preggo and even though my bump is minimal, it’s definitely there and definitely growing {pictures coming soon, I promise}. And now that I’ve backed off on my dancing a bit, I feel like Little Manatee is really going to start stretching out and showing me who’s boss. 
Already taking over my life… 
Here’s where the dilemma comes in: I’m heading out on a week-long vacation toward the end of this month with my ENTIRE family! SO EXCITED! 
I only have one concern and it’s not the drive up or the chance of morning sickness or the possibility of getting sunburned… all those things are easy peasy lemon squeezy…
The big concern is whether or not I should go bikini bold or cover my blubber. Okay, it’s now blubber, it’s a baby, but still. 
I’ve been browsing preggo photos to see if one or the other really just grosses me out but I’m just as torn as ever!

I think one of the most complicated parts of this dilemma is that I have no idea how big the belly will be at 18 weeks. I can assume, but I’ve only really JUST started showing and there’s no telling if Little Manatee will kick into growth overdrive in the next weeks.

Basically I’m welcoming any and all opinions. 
For those of you who have had children and were preggo during bathing suit season… what did you do?
For those of you who aren’t preggo but are totally grossed out to bare bikini bellies… tell me about it!
For those of you who welcome the skin and find it a beautiful celebration of life… share your thoughts!
Hold nothing back!
AND if you know of a great place to get maternity suits… share! I have found a few really great places but I’m sure some of you know some secret maternity hot spots!

Until next time… 
HAPPY FRIDAY AND FIRST OF JULY… The first of July can ONLY mean one thing this year… ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT UNTIL HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2!!! Squeeeee!

*I do not own these photos, sources provided. 

13 thoughts on “Baby Belly Beach Bums… HELP ME FRIENDS!

  1. Ok, honestly- the big bellies gross me out (pregnant or not, some people should not wear bikinis). Sorry. I'm not sure how big 18 week belly is, but you should be okay if it's not gigantic. Question though- honestly b/c I have no idea about preggo stuff- is it safe for the baby to have your belly exposed to all the sun? My mom always tells us how her OBGYN busted her and reamed her for her tan lines when she was pregnant with my sis. It explains a lot… j/k good luck! I think all that matters is how comfortable you feel, and you shouldn't let other people's opinions change how you feel.

  2. i am all for showing the cuteness that is the preggo belly!!!!!! i have heard, however, that sun is bad? i dunno, never "officially" looked into it. maybe it is protected with sunscreen? i don't see you laying out for hours and hours belly exposed anyway, it was just a thought!!!! can't wait to see your cute belly!!!

  3. Hey Sara!!! Pregnancy is beautiful! I say that if you got it, flaunt it! Its not like you are 38 weeks and about to pop!!!! I would say go for a 2 piece! Or even a tankini if you feel better about it! its all about you girlfriend! Enjoy your vacation!!! And when are these bump pictures going to post? 🙂 LOL

  4. Well, I'm not opposed to the showing off of the baby bump (I think it's cute and special), but you might want to get a maternity suit just in case because it's not just the bump-it could also be stretch marks. I'd say bring both a bikini and a maternity suit, that way you've covered your bases 🙂 I don't know anything about the sun being harmful to the baby but I have heard pregnant women burn easier. And hurry up and post those bump pictures! Are you guys going to find out the sex of the baby anytime soon or wait till baby manatee is born?

  5. Thanks so much for all the comments friends! I def think I'm going for bare belly AND tankini… No stretch marks as of yet and I'm lathering up every morning and night to try and keep them minimal, but I def didn't think about having to cover them up!Baby pics coming soon. We are waiting on a new computer to get here and I can get all the pictures off of my camera so once that's in you'll see PLENTY of belly!Love you all!Keep the comments coming!

  6. bare it! a belly bump is beautiful! The only people that is it too much for are those who are 9 months (8 or even 7 months for some who use it as an excuse to eat everything in sight)18 weeks, and an in shape person- you will look so adorable!

  7. I wore a tankini because I didn't want my belly to burn, NOT because it's too much to wear a bikini. I was also 8 months pregnant… LOL. If I were 18 weeks I would probably wear a bikini b/c I was still cute pregnant then if you get my drift. Just be careful not to burn your belly… baby can overheat too. So just drink LOTS of water, stay cool and do whatever you want to do. 🙂

  8. Round bellies and big boobs are beautiful, the promise of new life blossoming and blooming. Show it off, I say. By 18weeks, particularly if it's your first and you've been a dancer, there won't be much more than a neat bump anyway, enjoy the bikini.

  9. I think if it's done tastefully, a bikini can be cute with a baby bump. I'd personally go with something that would have fuller coverage up top and since I hate my legs, I'd probably wear a fuller bottom or even a cover-up/sarong.You are TEENY and will look great no matter what!!

  10. The other choice other than a tank or a bikini is also an open back tank. They have some really cute ones out and I always see preggo ladies wearing them. I always like to see the big baby belly, I honestly like seeing the beautiful curve of the belly. Your having a child your allowed to show and flaunt it all. AND right now I have a friend who is 23 weeks and still teenie, unless she turns sideways or wears a tight shirt you cant tell shes preggo. (ps she wears a bikini proudly, its cute.)

  11. Girl, you should totally flaunt it. Knowing your build, you'll totally not look like you just haven't been working out. You'll look adorable.But… if you do want to cover up, I don't know if you remember this or not but last year at the beach I was laughing because I accidentally bought a tankini top that was maternity! HA! You can totally borrow it if you need 🙂

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