An Easter tradition greatly missed

Time to get a bit nostalgic. 
When it comes to holidays people are more likely to go “all out” for what I like to call the “Big Five”: Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve and birthdays. 
Think about it. While we ‘celebrate’ {more like recognize} everything from President’s Day to St. Paddy’s day, the Big Five are the holidays that require full re-designs of store set-ups and days of planning and decorating to pull off. There are parties out the wazoo, holiday-specific food you serve and travel plans to make. 
I’m a huge fan and supporter of the Big Five but always get a little bummed that people tend to forget about one of my favorite holidays:

I’ve always loved Easter and although it doesn’t get the same amount of “decorative” attention that the rest of the Big Five normally do, I always welcome it’s arrival. To avoid sitting on my religious soap box for too long, I definitely attribute my love of the holiday to my love of what it represents in faith. I have so many things to thank God for everyday and on Easter I get to celebrate Christ’s resurrection into heaven and his gift of eternal life for those who follow Him.  {stepping off of soap box}
In addition to my ‘holier’ reasons for loving Easter, I also have a lifetime supply of great memories that are tied to the sweet and colorful day. One of which involved a fun tradition that I plan on continuing with my future children. 
Every Easter morning growing up, my mother would wake up my brother and I and take us to the starting point of our adventure. She’d usually pretend like it was any other morning and she was getting us ready for the day but when we would look down at the floor by our bedroom doors, there would be tiny pieces of these:

“Oh my goodness, it looks like the Easter Bunny has been here!”, she’d say as our excitement would rise!
We’d follow those bunny tail puffs all over the house. Up the stairs, down the stairs, in this room, in that room, OUTSIDE, in to the shed and anywhere else they would lead us until we finally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, no wait…wrong holiday, the bright and colorful EASTER baskets filled with special goodies guaranteed to make us smile!
It was always such a special treat and something I looked forward to every Easter. 
When I went away to college my mom shipped my Easter basket of goodies, complete with a few cotton balls for nostalgia.
I absolutely love this fun little game and tradition that my parents started and can’t wait to use it with my kids when they are old enough to enjoy it! {I suppose they have to exist before they get old enough, eh?}

Until next time…
What are some Easter traditions you observed growing up?

5 thoughts on “An Easter tradition greatly missed

  1. I too have always loved Easter- I cannot wait for it this year! We always go to my grandparent's house and they have a huge easter egg hunt. even now that most of us are grown up everyone participates (picture 35 people running around a backyard looking for eggs). This trick now is that they hide a 10 or a 20 in one egg- that's what we all try to find!

  2. We always dyed hard boiled eggs then my parents would hide them all around the house outside. My favorite part was when they would let us either peel and eat the egg, or throw and smash it on the driveway. HAHAAlso, I always got a new bathing suit in my easter basket from my mom…..along with lots of chocolate! (thats probably not a good combo anymore…lol)

  3. hi there Sara…first of all thanks for popping by my blog…secondly, your post brought tears to my eyes…my littlest children are nearly ten and I reckon this will be the last year the easter bunny will be to our house in reality…we have always left a cut up carrot and some water ut the front and he always leaves footprints in baby powder out the front ..his fee are huge!!!lol…i love the cotton wool idea too…so cute..have a great easter…xxx

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