TO DIE FOR Chicken Pillows

Happy hump day friends!
It’s time for a mid-week foodie break!
Ever find one of those recipes that makes you take a step back and gaze in sheer amazement that YOU actually managed to make something so delicious?
Yeah… this is one of those recipes. 
I stumbled upon it while skimming through FoodGawker in search of a little dinner inspiration. Now that Z’s schedule at the aquarium has found a bit of a pattern I am finding  more opportunities to cook again. YAY! It’s been ZERO fun dining alone and would be even less fun if I spent an excessive amount of time and energy preparing a tasty meal that I wouldn’t get to share with the hubs. 
SO needless to say I’ve put finding meal ideas on the back burner for the past couple weeks and was ready for something new and simple to make my mouth water. 
Boy did I find it!
If you have never been to FoodGawker and are a fan of finding delicious new recipes, you MUST take a peek. And by ‘take a peek’ I mean spend hours on end sifting through one gourmet meal after another because you won’t be able to stop once you start. *You’ve been warned*
Basically, FoodGawker is a website that highlights the best of the best in recipe blogs. Word on the street is it’s a really difficult {and picky} process to be chosen to have your recipe featured, and for good reason. I haven’t found a single recipe on here that doesn’t make me go “Ooh, that looks good!” and there are currently 2183 pages to this beast. I had bookmarked the first few recipes that caught my eye {and will save them for later} but one in particular really jumped off the page. Partially because it seemed really simple and partially because my life partner Andrea had mentioned a similar recipe THAT DAY so I knew it had to be made. 
May I present to you… Chicken Pillows


And the creator of said tasty dish is the absolutely adorable Christy at The Girl Who Ate Everything. You can find the original recipe and instructions here but I thought I’d provide a few snapshots from my own chicken pillow adventure. 

You’ll need all these tasty things… plus chicken, which I noticed was missing just as I started to cook, so a second trip was taken…
sour cream | cream cheese | chives | onion | salt | pepper
Croissants pressed and ready to go. Not very pretty, but it did the job!
Chicken ready to go for a swim in the sauce
PILLOWS… rolled, buttered, breaded and baking
TADA!… the finished product with chicken gravy and whole wheat Parmesan couscous

I realize now after looking at this photo that our dinner was all one color. Normally something I try to steer away from but oh well. IT WAS DELICIOUS.
I think this is one of those recipes that you really CAN’T mess up. Unless of course you forget that they are in the oven and burn them to a crisp, but even then they’d probably be just as ooey-gooey-great on the inside. 
I can see this being a crowd pleaser for tastebuds of all types. It’s “fancy” enough to really impress guests and simple enough to quickly become a family favorite! Must try, must love, must must must!

Until next time…
Now that I’m done yapping I give you permission, nay, I demand that you go to FoodGawker right this instant. Comment back with the most delicious looking recipe you can find!

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