It’s story time! This is a fun one…especially for anyone who works in a corporate office setting.
Before I dive in, let me be clear that I am, in no way, bashing the company I work for. I’m just here to tell stories and pray that I don’t enter the office tomorrow to an empty box on my desk and a pink slip from HR.

Here goes nothing!

So, two people were ‘let go’ at my office last week.
I’ll call them “Kickedto Thecurb” and “Byebye Benefits” to avoid revealing ANYTHING about them.
Kickedto Thecurb was able to slip out unnoticed. {he/she knew it was coming and actually moved his/her car to the back of the building so he/she wouldn’t have to go back to his/her desk, therefore avoiding any additional embarrassment and securing a cowardice stealthy getaway}
Byebye Benefits, however, pulled something similar to this:

Yes, Byebye Benefits stood up beside his/her ex-desk with a box of his/her stuff in hand and addressed all of his/her ex-coworkers with a loud and echoing voice saying, “I know you all think I’m going to freak out, {complete with crazy wiggle-fit} but I’m not. All I want to know is… {pause for dramatic effect} WHO’S COMING WITH ME?” 
We were all pretty mystified and you could tell the supervisor who was escorting him/her out was QUITE uncomfortable.
Unfortunately, no one joined Byebye Benefits… would have made a better story if someone had, but the upside was that he/she didn’t get the painful cricket-chirping response that JMag did in the clip above. Instead the rest of us giggled uncomfortably for a few seconds before someone {who remains a mystery} started clapping.
Not clapping because he/she got fired… Byebye Benefits was probably one of the nicest people in the office and always SUPER friendly to everyone. 
Instead, the office was clapping at the fact that Byebye Benefits had the guts to stand up and do what he/she did. Byebye Benefits knew, good and well, that no one would actually join him/her, but wanted to go out as the fun-loving humorous person he/she had been all along. The office clapped at the small yet successful attempt to, for lack of a better phrase, “stick it to the man”. Byebye Benefits wasn’t going to let getting canned bring him/her down and, although he/she may be wallowing in self pity now, he/she kept what little ‘pride’ he/she had left by doing what no one else had ever done. You’ve set the bar high, friend!
I commend you ex-coworker and wish you nothing but the best in the future. Hopefully you will find a job where your quirky humor and rose-colored outlook on life isn’t can shine as you please!

Until next time…
Have you ever been witness to a nasty, drama-filled scene at work? Have you ever caused a scene after getting let go from a job? If you could pick your perfect exit from a crappy work situation, what would you do?

2 thoughts on “WHO’S COMING WITH ME?

  1. Sometimes I get so fed up at my job, that I think about just storming out in a great fury of papers and overturned desk furniture. But then I remember there are bills to pay and mouths to feed and ain't nothin' in the world fo freeeeeee. But stickin' it to the man? That's something I can always get down on.

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