Simple DIY Window Valances

HOORAY, another DIY at last! 
I finally got around to making the window valances to go along with our new curtains. They aren’t your normal “valances” but more like tiny patterned curtains to help frame the windows. I really loved the color of our curtains and when I found this fun pattern at JoAnn fabric, I couldn’t resist snagging a few yards to play with.
Beautiful, eh? Especially with the maroon curtains. 
So. I did a little research to find out how exactly I was going to assemble these things and decided I would wing it. 
Basically all I needed for this project was…
  • your fabulous fabric of choice
  • fabric scissors
  • a yard stick
  • measuring tape
  • a sewing machine
  • needle and threat
  • fabric pins
  • fabric marker
When I measured everything out I realized that I had JUST enough fabric to make the valances with NOTHING left over {not a good idea, but I didn’t feel like going to get more} so I decided to use an extra piece of fabric I had laying around to practice on. 
It worked out really well and fit quite nicely on the rod, so I moved on to the real deal!
This was a basic hem job and although it was my first BIG sewing project, it went off pretty much without a stitch hitch. 
And now I’ve officially been bitten by the sewing bug. Can’t wait to see what projects are next!
Until next time…

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