More Cigar Band Crafty-ness

Oi vey folks…
If I’m not careful my whole house will end up covered in cigar bands.
Well, not totally, but it seems to be my new favorite form of decoration.
My latest cigar band project went over really well and actually left me with a few extra supplies. So when Z and I got our hands on a simple side table, compliments our neighbors who just moved out, I got a sudden stroke of genius on exactly what to do with those extra bands!

Here’s the table, needing a little TLC that I’m quite prepared to give.
LOVE the storage possibilities. {Anyone see the Rockband drum set in the glass reflection?}
I created a few different patterns with the bands and came up with something that I really liked. Z approved too but I’m pretty sure I could line the inside of a toilet seat with cigar bands and he’d love it…too gross? But I finally decided on a simple scatter rather than trying to create a formatted pattern.

Then I busted out the Mod Podge and glued them face down to the inside of the glass top.

Some of the bands were torn but I thought that added to the project. Almost like a proof of them actually coming from cigars that our friends and family smoked. We could all do with a little imperfection now and then, right?

Once the glue dried I flipped the glass over and had this lovely end result.
You can see the face of the beautiful band but are still able to put things on the glass without risking pulling the bands up.
I’m really happy with the way it turned out and think it adds a little extra quirk to the living room. As if there wasn’t enough in there already.
I’m sure I’ll re-touch the base a little too, as you can see it’s a little bumped and bruised.

What do you think?
Love it?
Hate it?
Until next time…

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