DIY Gifts Part 4…Cigar ornaments

This DIY makes me UBER proud so I hope you like it!
Before I begin… a little background:
My hubs and his core group of friends are big pipe and cigar smokers. The pipes always smell great and I’ve been known to steal a puff here and there but the cigars I don’t much care for.  They are too harsh and far less sweet and remind me of something unpleasant {still haven’t figured out what}. The one thing I dolike about cigars are their sense of style. And by that I mean the oh-so-pretty bands that come snugly wrapped around them.

So I came up with the idea to use the bands for decorating. I have a few BIGGER things planned that you’ll have to wait for {because I need to restock on my supplies} but when the holidays rolled around and I had to think of something clever to give to our friends that said, “Sara is the coolest, most crafty person ever!” I decided to swipe from our stash of saved cigar bands, with Z and his friends so graciously provided, and snagged a few plain glass ball ornaments on clearance at JoAnn as well as some Mod Podge.
And I was ready to go.
If you’ve ever done decoupage you know it’s pretty basic so I will spare you the detailed boring explanation and show you some of the finished products.
I didn’t really have much of a direction with the first one. I wish I had cut strips out about the size of bands to see how they would stick but I just went with it. I made sure to use the thinner bands over the larger more detailed ones so they would better wrap with the “globe” shape. I think it turned out pretty well!
I wanted to do a little something different with ball part deux so I started with the top and bottom, moved to the middle and filled in the rest being more selective of the actual band.
LOVED the top.
I think that one is my favorite.
I went at the last ball with a pretty similar tactic but was left with more variety and less repetition when it came to the bands so it ended up a little different. GREAT, but different.
Because you can’t exactly lay the bands out on the ornament before you glue them down you kind of have to just go with what works next. Look at the bands you have and separate them into similar piles. It will be easier to make a pattern if you know how much of each band you have to work with first.
Then just let the creative juices flow!
So there ya have it folks. A simple {and fun} DIY project for cigar and decoupage lovers.
When Z and I gave two away as Christmas gifts {to his cigar pals} we made sure to preface the opening with, “Thanks for your help!”
Until next time…

5 thoughts on “DIY Gifts Part 4…Cigar ornaments

  1. My college roommate and I created a trash can out of an ice cream container like they used in ice cream shops (I think they still have those round cardboard containers) and liquor bottle labels.

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