DIY Gifts Part 3… Will You Light My Candle?

HOORAY, time for more DIY!
This time it’s all about candles and how to go from boring to brilliant.

There’s a little less explanation with this one to allow for your imaginations to help out but I’ll give you the basic need-to-know info!
Pick out a design or image you want for the candle and pick the size that fits what you plan on painting. I was going for a Christmas theme {obviously} and snagged this idea from another great find at JR’s Discount Store: Easy Christmas Projects You Can Paint.

I picked out my favorite designs, not all were intended for candles but I made them work, and went to it!
Clean the surface you intend to paint with rubbing alcohol and start painting!
This particular book had tons of tips on paint brushes and paint, and this and that, but I just used what I had and it worked out fine. They also provide templates for the pictures, but if you can draw it out yourself it gives it a little extra personality {at least in my opinion}.
After a few heavy coats to get the candle color covered {say that 5 times fast} I had these puppies.

santa, santa moon, gingy-man
After another few coats and some special touches, I finally finished my holly jolly gifts. Normally you should add a coating of soap and candle painting medium to protect and give a glossy look, but I was in a hurry and skipped that step. We’ll just be extra careful with these.
Now that I feel a little more confident with this method I might try out some of my own designs for different occasions.
Until next time…

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