Just Another 2010 Memories Post… Welcoming 2011!

I know almost every blogger in the world is going to be posting “A look back at 2010” so why not hop on the bandwagon and follow suit?
2010 has been an amazing year filled with ups downs, goods, bads and what the fracks! Just like every other year I suppose.
Am I really bashing my OWN post this much? Oh well.
Here’s a look back at a wonderful year:

  • Ringing in 2010 at our friend’s cabin in the mountains of Ellijay.
  • Celebrating our FIRST “New Year” as a married couple!
  • Dealing with flood number 3 in our hell hole apartment
  • Officially converted to Catholicism and was confirmed at Holy Spirit!
  • Starting our oh-so-infamous pet chronicles
  • Really kicked off my blog, even though my first post was December 2009.. oops!
  • Found our first house in a single weekend of house hunting!
  • Z in Oklahoma!
  • Experienced the struggles of closing on a home but finally could call it our own!
  • My first trip to White Water for my birthday!
  • Celebrating July 4 with friends!
  • Family trip to Ocean Isle Beach where I (literally) put a dent my leg… a dent which is STILL there. I’ll have to share that story some day.
  • Good friends tie the knot and even MORE got engaged! So happy for everyone!
  • Sending our friend Dave off to Grad School in NY with a relaxing day at the lake
  • Z in Stealing Dixie, a World Premiere
  • Began teaching dance which started as exciting but turned into quite my personal hell.. as you’ve all read before {here and here}.
  • Z’s new bike and me being the best wife ever for getting it for him.
  • Z becomes a clown {Dr. Dipstick} with the Big Apple Circus’ Clown Care Unit… both bearded and not! I couldn’t be more proud.
  • Z in The Odyssey at Georgia Shakespeare
  • Many fun visits from my parents.
  • I became a member of a professional dance company. The first time REALLY dancing in over a year but I absolutely love it. We had our first performance as a new company in December.
  • Embraced my inner foodie with new recipes and kitchen adventures
  • Celebrated the birth of my best friend’s baby boy!
  • Got really crafty!
  • Saw my first Cirque du Soleil show… OVO!
  • Spent Thanksgiving with Z’s cousins on the farm and introduced Buster and Pigs to Remus… a 5 month old, 70+ lb Irish Wolfhound “puppy”.
  • Pigs spent the night in the animal hospital for pneumonia
  • Spent Christmas in Michigan with Z’s side of the fam and the puppies experienced their first SNOW
  • Headed BACK to the cabin in Ellijay to welcome 2010 with friends!
It was a great year filled with so many wonderful memories. So 2011 has a lot to live up to! Bring it on!
I hope you all had a great NEW YEAR’s celebration!
Until next time year… 

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