DIY Gifts Part 2… Calling All Chocoholics

Before things get dirty… and the most DEFINITELY will…the title of this post makes me think of a Demetri Martin joke…

I’ve heard of many chocoholics, but I ain’t never seen no “chocohol”. We got an epidemic, people: people who like chocolate but don’t understand word endings. They’re probably “over-workaholled”.

Love him.
You should too.
Anywho… time for the next DIY gift-giving adventure: Chocolate truffles.
I got the recipe from a fabulous little book I snagged from JR’s discount SUPERSTORE in NC {a great source for discounted cookbooks} called Cooking with Chocolate by AvnerLaskin.

I was going to a cookie swap and since, as we last learned in my cinnamon honey butter post, I don’t have a standing mixer. {I JUST bought a hand mixer with a little Christmas money, so YAY to that… but still no stand mixer. Anyone want to donate one? Can I haz this one please!} SO, I wanted needed to make a sweet treat that didn’t involve the normal cookie-making-processes and I stumbled upon a mouth-watering photo of dark chocolate truffles. Yum. They had to be made!

Here’s what you need…
Heavy whipping cream
Bittersweet chocolate chips
And here’s what you do:
Bring 1 cup heavy whipping cream to a boil and pour 10 oz. bitter sweet chocolate into large bowl.
Pour cream over chocolate pieces and get to whisking!
Pop the chocolaty mixture in the frig for 30 minutes or until slightly stiff.
Once chilled, place in pastry bag and pipe into tiny piles. Mine looked like giant, shiny, Hershey’s kisses.
NEXT, channel Meredith Grey and prepare yourself with heavy duty {disposable} surgical {kitchen} gloves.
There are no pictures of this part because Z was away and I was too covered in chocolate to take pictures. Basically pick up the tiny piles of chocolate and roll them in the palm of your glove until round-ish.
Then dip truffles in cocoa powder.
Helpful hints: roll all of your truffles first and then dip them into the cocoa. It gets really messy and becomes hard to form the balls if you alternate between the soft chocolate and powder. 
ALSO, don’t take too long to roll the truffles because the heat from your hands will melt the chocolate and make rolling harder as well.
You can coat the truffles in as much or as little cocoa as you like. I did a little more than I should have but some people prefer a more bitter taste before they bite into the heavenly sweetness!
AFTER cleaning myself and the kitchen up, I packaged these pups for delivery.
I found these adorable tins at JoAnn Fabric for 70% off. I think they were each around $1. Thank you Christmas sales!
To give myself more work I cut out pieces of wax paper to lay between the truffles and started with one at the very bottom of each tin. Aren’t they cute?
This was such a fun project and I had enough left over for Z and me!
Try them out and tell me what you think!
Until next time…

2 thoughts on “DIY Gifts Part 2… Calling All Chocoholics

  1. If in need of cookie tins, you can go to the $ store you can get loads of Christmas/holiday tins for… a dollar! (schocker, I still can't believe it either..:)I use them all the time:)Love your blog!S

  2. Hey girl hey! I too drool over KitchenAid mixers but can't justify dropping that kind of cash (hello student loans that eat my life), so I'm saving up……but until then, someone got me a stand up mixer that HAS A DETACHABLE MIXER for smaller jobs. Not quite as beautiful as the KitchenAid Cadillacs but it will suffice until then. I couldn't find the link to the one I actually received, but this is pretty close: about it?

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