SERIOUSLY… You Really Thought That Was A GOOD Idea?

As you know I have the agonizing task of dealing with moron dancer tweens each and every week for three straight hours {pray for me}. I haven’t written about them in a while but not because they haven’t given me post-worthy material. Trust me, there’s been plenty of nights where I had to remind myself that there was liquor waiting for me at home in order to keep from locking them in the boys bathroom. Eunice is still her usual pain in the ass and the other little creeps continue to amaze me with their supidity and disrespect. I do, however have a new favorite. She’s sassy and adorable and takes about as much crap as I do, so she’s frequently giving the other girls these evil looks like, “bitch, please”. We’re BFF’s. NO, the reason I haven’t written about them is because I’ve been trying to keep my blogs positivity quotient at an all time HIGH. BUT… last night was the straw that broke the on-the-brink-of-homicide dance teacher’s back. Get this…


The studio where I endure my weekly torture is tucked randomly in an extremely secluded parking lot surrounded by plenty of EMPTY businesses. The parking lot itself is also down a slight hill so you can see the main road but it’s not dead on.  Now that Daylight Saving has ended, it is dark for the majority of the time I’m teaching, making said parking lot OOBER creepy. Basically it’s the perfect scene for a cheesy Jennifer Love Hewitt horror film. The only active shop is a nail salon that closes at 7 and a Walgreens ACROSS the lot and slightly up the hill. Hopefully that paints a good enough picture but I’ve provided a visual just in case.

A few of my BRIGHTEST students {11 and 12 years old, mind you} thought it would be a good idea, during the hour they have to wait between classes, to take a little WALK over to WALGREENS for some sugary snacks… and that’s exactly what they did. They LEFT THE STUDIO ALONE, venturing out into the dismally dark and super spooky parking lot so they could boost their already unacceptable sugar levels… for my benefit I’m sure. I think it’s important to put out a disclaimer that the individual classrooms have windows that are covered by curtains or construction paper so while I’m teaching I can’t see what’s going on out in the lobby, hence why I wasn’t prompted to run out of the room to grab them by their pony tails before they made such a stupid mistake. Normally these particular students stay put but they decided that the first dance night of COMPLETE DARKNESS was the perfect night to walk outside alone. Idiots. Seriously don’t they have some kind of app on their iPhones to tell them it’s a bad idea… yes they have iPhones.

You might be wondering how exactly I came to learn about their little adventure if I couldn’t see out the classroom windows… this is the best part. I came outside during the class change and notice that the moron tweens are munching on new treats. I thought about it for a moment and had a frightening thought. So I ask, “DID YOU THREE GO TO WALGREENS?” They proceed to avoid answering through twerpy giggles and full mouth mumbles. I still wasn’t 100% but was planning on give them a lecture either way. Then I hear a slightly less twerpy {but still annoying} giggle behind me and I turn to find a mother of one of the children in my previous class. Let me repeat… A MOTHER. She proceeds to say… “I can answer that question for you. Yes, they went to Walgreens” followed by a totally clueless grin. 

Her expression soon changed and her NEXT reaction was… AND I FREAKING QUOTE… “Were they not supposed to do that?”
I was like…


While I politely answered that I didn’t think it was a good idea for them to be outside of the studio alone in the dark I was picturing myself grabbing her cheeks, shaking her face and screaming “YOU LET THREE 11 YEAR OLD GIRLS WALK OUT OF THE STUDIO INTO THE DARKNESS WITHOUT SUPERVISION??? ARE YOU SOME KIND OF IDIOT??? WERE YOU DROPPED ON YOUR HEAD AS A CHILD, OR HAVE YOU DONE TOO MANY DRUGS TO THINK LOGICALLY???? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING???” P.S. In my imagination I have super human strength so I’m actually picking her up by her cheeks… just so you can get the full experience.

To make a long story longer, I gave those three boneheads a piece of my mind about how STUPID their decision was and made them pinky promise they would never do it again. Yes, pinky promise. I’m not sure if you realize but a pinky promise in dancer-tween world has more clout than a gold plated pre-nup.

WHAT THE FRACK DUMMY MOM… in what world is it even remotely acceptable to allow that kind of thing to happen. These are not quite girls so there is no chance that she didn’t notice they had left. She knew, and just let them leave… alone… into the abyss.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY… You Really Thought That Was A GOOD Idea?

  1. That mother would have been the first in line to demand you being fired if you let those kids leave and something happened. Parents are dumber than their children. Kids just have the "nothing will happen" thought process. Parents have the "if something happens it's not because of me it's because of an outside source." And welcome to 2010.

  2. I didn't even let my girls LOOK OUT THE WINDOW after dark, much less walk around alone across empty parking lots. You can ask them. They will tell you. Great post. I never thought of picking up someone by the cheeks before. I like it.

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