My Secret Desire To Be In The Circus But Not Really Because Trailer Life Blows Chunks!

It’s official. My Cirque Du Soleil cherry has been popped! WAHOOO!

On Saturday Z and I went on a circus adventure filled with crickets, butterflies, blooming flowers and silly clowns. Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO is currently at Atlantic Station and Z’s parents were kind enough to get us tickets for our anniversary. While I love Cirque and have seen MANY a Cirque show on video {Kooza, La Nouba, Alegria, Dralion, Saltimbanco, Quidam, Verekai}, I had never seen a show live.
Sad right? I mean my entire in-law family is made up of clowns, jugglers and mimes!
So anyway… I’d been dying to see a show live and finally got the chance!
I did my research about the show and knew that {based on the description from the website} OVO is “an immersion into the teeming and energetic world of insects”.

Just watching it again gives me chills!

Z and I were super excited to see the show and I about peed my pants when, as we approached Atlantic Station and the end of the Cirque traffic, this slowly came into view:

Really I was being such a child… pointing and saying things like “OH MY GOSH…THERE IT IS…I’M SO EXCITED… AHHHHHHH”
We were able to snap this pic outside the tent before they started seating… you can barely see it glowing in the background. Clearly I’m still cheesin’ like a little kid at this point!
It was super dark in there so we couldn’t really see anything until the show started but as soon as you walked through the doors {aka tent flaps} it smelled like grass and dew. It was so awesome. I asked Z if that was normal and he said no… that OVO had gone the extra mile to really get your senses stimulated. Later on in the show a GIANT flower flew in from the top of the tent and bloomed. About 5 seconds after it was in full bloom you got a big whiff of flowers. It was the coolest thing ever to feel like you were bug-sized experiencing things on their level. 
The clowns had me cracking up and every single act was more brilliant than the last. A silk number took my breath away while the trapeze, slack rope and trampoline acts had me picking my jaw up off the floor. My lovely little told me not to be surprised if I was overwhelmed by the numerous things going on at once but I stayed fairly focused on the main act. Although I would notice crickets or beetles scurry by the back part of the stage while the main performers kept me drooling.  
Everything was so amazing {have I used that word enough in this post yet?}, it’s pretty much impossible to pick a favorite act. I will say that they were smart to put an AMAZING {ha} trampoline act at the very end of the show… a perfect way to finish, if you ask me!
All I can say is I am thrilled to have finally seen a show and I can’t wait for the next one. 
SO, any Cirque fans out there in blogger world?
Until next time…

6 thoughts on “My Secret Desire To Be In The Circus But Not Really Because Trailer Life Blows Chunks!

  1. um, yes!!!!! i haven't seen this one yet, i am def talking jaryd into it for the holidays! I saw La Nouba in orlando when I worked at Disney, and it also took my breath away! Outside of the cirque performers, the vocalists were incredible!!!!

  2. We went to Florida when I was 18 and I BEGGED someone to take me to the Cirque show there and noone would go. 😦 WAAAHHHIt sounds fantastic! (and amazing!) LOL

  3. @Jessica… Now that you're married you can DEMAND your hubs go with you! HA… I didn't have to since it was actually a family tradition of theirs before I came into the picture! One of the many perks to tying the knot.@Layna… thanks boo! Can't wait to see you in like 3 weeks!!!!!!!

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