I Want A Golden Goose

You may or may not know this but I love doing impressions and am pretty good at a hand full of them, as my husband and co-workers can attest. A few days ago I was mimicking Varuca Salt’s I Want It Now song from the original Willy Wonka and it got me thinking…

If I were singing that song, what wants would I put in place of a golden goose, bean feast and a party (pronounced potty)???

While Varuca’s list of wants, or annoying demands rather, landed her in a garbage chute {which by the way is one of the happiest moments in the entire movie for me…ha… twit}, I think it’s important, healthy and absolutely NECESSARY to recognize the things you want in life, whether you want them now, 3 months from now, in 5 years, or in 2 decades. After all, most of the time our wants become our goals.  SO… what do I want? {DISCLAIMER: I recognize the fact that some of these wants/desires are goofy but I still want them… so there!} This is a collection of “wants” thought up over the course of the week.

I want…

  • job security… but who doesn’t.
  • the puppies to INSTANTLY be potty trained. SO tired of finding puppy piddle beneath my bare feet… because that’s usually how its discovered
  • to win something awesome on a radio contest
  • to open my own dance studio
  • a new pair of jeans… or three… okay a big ol’ shopping spree
  • to NOT have knee pain when I dance… seriously I’m 23 with the knees of a 60 year old.
  • breakfast. I’m really hungry {know that I wrote this one while drying my hair at 6:27 am on Wednesday morning}
  • to invent something life changing
  • a tattoo 😉 More on this later!
  • a lifetime supply of  free Cinnabons whenever I want them.
  • to NOT have pizza-face skin, seriously am I 13 or something???
  • to go all out for Halloween one year.
  • a ridiculously expensive ball gown to wear while attending a lavish gala.
  • to be as flexible as I was in high school
  • a honeymoon… sad face.
  • sons just like Z
  • to come up with a new ridiculous crayon color name
  • Britney Spears to stop trying to reinvent herself and take care of those damn kids
  • for all my friends and loved ones who are sick or battling cancer to be healthy so they can live their lives FREE from pain and suffering.
  • to start a family… a BIG ONE… with tons of kids running around doing clowny things
  • to be a stay at home mom while the kids grow up
  • to be in a movie!!!
  • for Z to get cast in a major motion picture!
  • to telepathically convince my brother and his wife to move to the east coast 🙂
  • to design our home from the ground up!
  • to meet Johnny Depp
  • to learn how to juggle!
  • Justin Bieber to cut those stupid bangs and prove he has a forehead
  • to pay my parents back.
  • the world of Harry Potter to be real… post Voldemort of course
  • to learn how to belly dance.
  • my grandparents to be around to meet their great grandbabies
  • to be alive when they find a cure for cancer.
  • to master the guitar.
  • my daughter(s) to love dance as much as I do
  • to live closer to my parents… whether that means them coming here or us going there
  • to wear my wedding dress again.
  • the war to be over.
  • to perform with THE Lost Colony again.
  • to go to art school
  • to have enough blog readers and sponsors that Z and I can live off of this blog. Dream big or wake up!!!
  • grandbabies to spoil rotten {emphasis on DECADES}
  • a Ford Flex
  • to win the lottery… just once… is that so much to ask for?
  • to take self defense classes and kick some booty
  • to go scubadiving

There’s plenty more where that came from I’m sure… but all I have for now!

Alright faithful readers… YOUR TURN! What do you WANT???

8 thoughts on “I Want A Golden Goose

  1. DO IT MICHAEL!@Tracy…I would like to crate a collection of colors based solely on hair color… that way when a little girl goes looking for the right color blonde to give her barbie, she won't end up looking like a banana head!

  2. I want sexily mussed hair all.the.time, a higher metabolism and a cooler car!I just wanted to pop over and thank you for entering the giveaway for my 2011 calendar on Oh, Mishka. We've got a few left if you're still keen! (cough, shameless self-promotion, cough) 😉

  3. please leave me a voicemail saying SQUIR-REL! thank you.also, i want us all to know love. and to have hair that looks like when the costume girls would put my hair in hot rollers–but without any of the work. ❤

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