A Horrible Discovery *UPDATED*

I stumbled upon something quite disturbing yesterday and thought my faithful followers should join me as I turn my nose up at whatever bonehead designed the layout of the Kroger down the street.
Before I start my bash-fest allow me to say that I love Kroger and have since it first shined it’s pretty face just off of Hull Street {that’s in Chesterfield, VA} by my parents house. I’m a faithful customer and a proud Kroger Plus Card holder. So just let it be known that up until the last few weeks Kroger and I have been in a happy and respectful relationship. Then things changed.
You may remember from my caramel apple post that I spent a very unhappy 20 minutes in Kroger scouring the aisles to find Kraft caramels only to learn that, according to Mr. Manager, they weren’t in season. So dumb, Kroger. What other season would you have melting caramels in? I happily stuck it to the man by making my own kick-ass caramel from scratch. TAKE THAT Mr. Manager and Kroger execs. I didn’t let this soil the relationship too much… but Kroger knew he’d done something wrong would have to make it up to me in due time.
So, hoping for a little rekindling of the flame, I stopped by after work to pick up a few essentials. At one point I found myself in the hot chocolate/coffee aisle. Being that I’m a self-proclaimed choc-a-holic, and it’s actually starting to get COOL in Georgia, I couldn’t resist. I grabbed myself a box of instant DARK hot chocolate and looked around for what SHOULD have been placed next door on the exact same shelf. But it wasn’t there.


EVERYONE WHO IS ANYONE knows that you CANNOT have hot chocolate without MARSHMALLOWS! Am I RIGHT???? You don’t have to answer, that was rhetorical. YES… you must have marshmallows with your hot chocolate. So WHY for the love of Pete {who is Pete anyway} were there no marshmallows to be found? Not on that aisle, not even in the next aisle over. I had to go past 4 aisles to the baking section to get my marshmallows. Truly appalling. I understand that hot chocolate is not technically a year-round drink {although it’s a cool summer night never stopped me!} but it’s NOVEMBER now and they didn’t even have a little marshmallow display in one of those tall cardboard octagons. I’m disappointed in you Kroger. I thought you were better than this.

Since my voter registration card hasn’t come in yet I won’t be voting tomorrow {YOU should} but I would like to cast a different vote tonight…
I VOTE, that once we have reached the month of October, marshmallows should be placed in close proximity to Hot Chocolate as to not infuriate people who are smart enough to know that you cannot have one without the other.
Boom… new law….I win.
In other news…
I WON SOMETHING! {you can’t see me but I’m giving you a big cheesy Miss America “oh my good gracious” face!}
I feel so special! There is a great blog called She Said Yes! that is all about the tiny details of wedding planning. Jacin, the BEAUTIFUL bride behind the blog, {she and her husband got married this past September in a gorgeous ceremony… not that I was there…or am totally obsessed with her blog} hosted a cute giveaway and was sweet enough to comment on my Mad Movie Monday post from yesterday to tell me that I had been picked {at random} as the winner of an ADORABLE laundry travel bag from Plum Cozy Cottage on Etsy!  It’s a little tote that helps you keep track of which delicates are dirty and which are clean when you are traveling. Absolutely adorable and I can’t believe I won! THANKS SO MUCH to Jacin with She Said Yes and Temre with Plum Cozy Cottage!
I never win anything so I’m sort of like a kid in a candy store right now, sans the drooling and cavities! 
 Until next time…

12 thoughts on “A Horrible Discovery *UPDATED*

  1. I had a similarly frustrating experience trying to find canned pumpkin last week (to make yummy pumpkin bread). I thought surely the pumpkin would be in a nice central place in the canned fruit & vegetable aisle, if not in its own large display at the end of the aisle (Thanksgiving is almost here, people!) I had to walk up and down the aisle multiple times until I found the canned pumpkin in the far corner of the very bottom shelf. At least it was on sale…

  2. I understand that stores can't completely rearrange their aisles for every season, but they spend so much time creating those silly displays, why not put the items out that will be MOST used?

  3. No one has even brought up a critical component in the marshmallow debate: The SPELLING of the word! Do any of us actually pronounce it mAllow? It should be marshmEllow with an E. Mellow. THAT makes sense. How re-dick. Gosh.

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