Holy Mashed Potatoes Batman!

So, you all know that last Thursday was Z’s birthday and since his rehearsal schedule kept us from taking any kind of road trip, we went out to a fancy-pants dinner instead! We splurged and went to Stoney River Legendary Steaks for dinner. It was pretty much the best meal we have ever eaten (no offense to all the wonderful cooks in our lives but WOW, this was REALLY amazing). The food was definitely the highlight of the evening but everything tiny aspect of our visit was nothing less than impeccable. 
When we got to the restaurant we were pleasantly greeted by a happy smiling hostess and directed to the most comfortable restaurant waiting bench I have ever sat on. {Did I mention that every teeny tiny aspect of this evening was perfect?} So after about a 5 minute wait we were escorted to our booth by yet another smiling hostess; she even cautioned us about the two small steps we had to take to get to the lower part of the restaurant. We took our seats and were quickly greeted by our server, Chris who, it just so happened, knew our name. He was the best server IN THE WORLD. Pleasant, relaxed, appropriately silly, perfect! The menu is small, but epic, and after a little assistance from Chris we ordered the following brilliant meal:
  • 7oz Coffee-Cured Fillet Mignon 
    • Au Gratin Potatoes and Sauteed Seasoned Spinach
  • Free Range Roasted Half Chicken infused with pancetta, garlic, lemon, shallots and rosemary
    • Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Asparagus
Each bite was more delicious than the next and we both had to pause between each bite to talk about how good it was. I think Z could have written a short story with all he had to say about that steak, but after tasting a piece I would have to agree with everything he said including that it was the best steak he had ever tasted. 
Then, as it was Z’s birthday {and they asked us when we made our reservation if we were celebrating anything special so they were already on top of things} we got a complimentary dessert…a “small” slice of their $11 Triple-Layer Chocolate Ganache Cake. Never in a million years would I think a piece of cake was worth spending $11 unless there was gold baked into it but for a full piece of this cake… I would have paid more. And I know my chocolate. Even Z, who tends to only take chocolate in doses, was in chocolate shock at the sheer brilliance of the taste. Might I also add that this “sliver” of cake was enough for both of us to have our fill and still take some home for later. Imagine how big the real slice is! Now, if you know anything about Z and I you should know that one dessert is just not enough… so we ordered a little something to accompany our complimentary slice of chocolate heaven, the Cappuccino Crème Brulée. WOW OH WOW OH WOW. It was my first time having Crème Brulée and I have a feeling I will never be satisfied with anything other than THIS EXACT ONE. It was absolutely delicious. Creamy and filled with flavor and quite possibly the best thing I have ever eaten {I’ve said that a lot haven’t I?} 
I could continue to describe the beauty of this meal, but I would rather just go back and eat it all over again. I didn’t take pictures but I highly recommend looking over the menu or visiting the CLOSEST Stoney River Legendary Steaks to you. Look at me all of a sudden turning into an advertiser. Anyway… off to daydream about delicious dinners while I cook a simple spaghetti. 

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