Pin Wheels and Sore Muscles

Monday nights are Z and my “date night” since his show schedule has him at the theater every other night of the week (le sigh). So I’m always sure to go above and beyond in the cooking department… just to remind him how awesome I am!

Last night’s main dish was prepared with the help of my girlfriend, Sandra Lee.  Her Semi-Homemade cookbook makes me look like a pro (false) and gets both our tummies happy! I turned to one of our favorites… Steak Pinwheels with Sun-Dried Tomato stuffing and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes. YUM!
Here are a few snapshots to make you drool, buy all the ingredients, and make your own!

Thanks to Sandra Lee, Z and my Monday DATE NIGHT dinner was simply delicious. Being the totally rad wife that I am I even let him have the left overs while I packed a turkey sandwich for lunch. Geeze I’m nice! Once dinner was finished we rubbed our full bellies and snuggled up on our new couches, compliments of dear sweet Brooke., and watched King of California starring Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood. An absolutely wonderful film and one that I highly recommend. It’s all about a quirky and unstable dad (Douglas) who, fresh out of a mental institute, takes his daughter (Wood) on a wild adventure searching for buried treasure in suburban California. It’s witty, comical, tragic and heartbreaking and perfect for a date night or quiet evening by your lonesome.
After the movie and a play session with Pigs and Buster, Z and I tackled the first day of our month-long At-Home BOOT CAMP, compliments of my buff brother Shawn and his training program, Real World Fitness! Shawn is a personal trainer based out of L.A. I know what you might be thinking… but he’s not that kind of trainer! He is trying to focus on the feeling being healthy gives you instead of the appearance you may (or may not) gain. It’s not about what you look like but what you feel like when you are healthy and happy. I love that he is going at fitness with this attitude in such a silicone-filled place, now all he needs is support. Having visited LA a few times I can tell you that they aren’t short on fitness gurus, body builders, and narcissism. It’s sad that Shawn’s goal of “training your body and retraining your mind” isn’t at the forefront of fitness, but I suppose it’s the world we live in {Thanks Britney Spears}. Pardon me while I leap off my high horse. SO, If you are interested in joining the Real World Fitness boot camp, check out the link above and shoot him an e-mail with your interest. It’s not too late to sign up but don’t hesitate. All are welcome and the exercises utilize things you have around your house so there is no need to spend major bucks on a gym membership or exercise equipment. It’s all about staying fit in the comfort of your own home, because lets face it… with busy schedules how many of us pot ‘gym time’ on the back burner because it actually requires GOING to a gym? I’m feeling great after yesterday’s exercises and pumped about getting the next three for today!
Anyway… food, buried treasure, sore {in a good way} muscles. What a great way to start the week!

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