This is the story of one of those mornings that ended up as quite an afternoon giggle.  Here’s how it all started…

Now that we have the puppies my morning starts a little earlier than it used to. I also switched to an earlier shift at work so early+early= way TOO early. Yesterday morning started like any other in the last week, with a quick trip outside for the pooches and an adorable game of “keep the right puppy at the right food bowl”. After the pups were fed, potty’d and back in the crate {we are crate training… they won’t stay in there long}I went to get myself ready. While attempting to make my presently terrible haircut look decent, I quickly became unhappy with it’s unruliness and decided to attack it with bobby pins and be done with it all together. Apparently the attack took a lot longer than I thought because when I checked on how much time I had left before I needed to leave, I was already 20 minutes behind my normal schedule. AND SO THE RUSH BEGAN!
Make up… check
Brush teeth… check
Kiss Z goodbye…check
Left over pizza {aka lunch}… check

A quick goodbye for the pups and I’m OUT THE DOOR. Still running later than usual but not officially late yet, I get into the car and turn the key only to be startled by BLARING music from the stereo. Z had driven my car the last night and apparently drove home with the windows down and the tunes-a-pumpin’. Frazzled I lower the volume with a speedy annoyance and begin my exit out of the driveway.
What’s next? I bump our trash can with my car, adding to my already annoyed state. Of course I had forgotten that Thursday is trash day in our neighborhood. I continue backing out and come to a stop as I look forward at the rocking trash can, shaking my head. When I look behind me I realize I’m about 4 inches from hitting the neighbor’s silver VW Bug. AWESOME. {I’m actually not sure how upset I really would have been if I had hit it, only because that car is ridiculous} So, I continue on to work praying that my morning wouldn’t be a foreshadowing to how the rest my day would go.

Thankfully the rest day went off without any other catastrophes and I headed from my ‘big girl job’ off to the studio where I teach dance once a week.  Here comes the giggle. I was wearing my skinny jeans and a pair of heels that day and, as per my usual habit, took my heels off when I started my commute {I hate driving with shoes on… let alone heels}. When I got to the studio parking lot I looked down to put my shoes back on and I see quite a surprising sight. There was something sticking out the bottom of my pant leg. I had to stare at it for a few minutes before I realized that it was a pair of underwear! What the frack? I had my own American Eagle cotton bikini briefs hanging out of my pant let. My first thought was… “sweet lord was it like that all day and I didn’t notice?”. I’m still not sure of that answer but I’ve come to a conclusion on how the undies got there. The way I see it, they took up camp in my pant leg during the latest romp in the washer/dryer. In my rushed panic out the door I threw on my pants with such fervor that I didn’t notice the extra padding in my left leg. ONLY ME!
For all I know they were just trying to escape all day long. Hopefully they didn’t actually succeed until I got into the car, but unless a co-worker confronts me, I will never know. I immediately called Z to tell him was a genius his wife is, followed by my mother who got as big a kick out of it as I did.
When I got home that night, still in stitches thinking about it I decided this needed to be shared.
Oh, and when Z got home he walked in with a straight face and said, “So the strangest thing just happened. I got out of the car and had a thong hanging out of my sock.” Yes, I’m proud to be the ‘butt’ of the joke.
Here’s a little reenactment I staged for your viewing pleasure.

Yep… fashion at it’s finest… once again, ONLY ME!

SERIOUSLY, how could I have missed that all day long? Hopefully if you have any embarrassing stories that can relate you will be eager to share! Join me in my humiliation.


3 thoughts on “Underwear??

  1. Well, now I feel bad! Because yesterday I did see you're underwear sticking out the bottom of your jeans, but dismissed it because I thought you were making a fashion statement! LOL! I will from now on, make a better effort to watch out for your underwear, which is obviously trying to make an escape, down you're pant leg! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You make my day! Keep the funnies coming!

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