Funny Hubby

Just a quickie I felt the need to share…
I’m always up before Z {and before the sun… gross}so I try and be as considerate as possible when getting ready in the morning. After all, if I had the chance to sleep in a little I would want the same from him. Don’t worry this isn’t a hubby bashing session… it’s more of a light-hearted and fun testament to the joys and humor of marriage!
Back to this morning… we, of course, have our own sides of the bed that we {usually} keep to during the night. But most mornings by the time I get out of the shower he has stretched himself out to take up my side of the bed as well as his! This isn’t a problem because I, through my own protest, will not be returning to bed *le sigh*. So, I never have an issue with it, it’s actually pretty cute!
But this morning I had a tough time getting up. Hit that snooze button more than normal and was quite reluctant to finally sit up and get moving. I sat up in dissatisfaction and rubbed my eyes to try and coax a little life out of myself before getting my toosh off the bed. I swear… I barely had my cheeks off the sheets before he swung that right leg around DOMINATING my side of the bed. It was like his subconscious was waiting for the slightest lift in weight to activate his stretching capabilities.
I got the biggest kick out of it… although I did call him a butt head {mainly because of my own disappointment that I couldn’t be the one stretching out} but I’m not sure if he heard me.
Just something funny to share. Back to the grind stone 😦

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