The Pet Chronicles…

I am extremely happy to announce that Z and I have two new additions to our family. Don’t worry; you won’t be seeing me on “I didn’t know I was pregnant”. These additions are a little different. Before I go into detail about them I should go over our pet history first. It’s pretty epic if I do say so myself!

When I met Z in 2008 he was the proud owner of a bearded dragon named Stritch, after Broadway actress Elaine Stritch. After only a few months he traded her in for a ball python that he named Monty.  I had the pleasure (and terror) of meeting Monty at my first visit to GA in October of 2008. Surprisingly, I grew to love him! We ended up getting a second snake after I moved to GA officially in May of 2009, a baby red tail boa that we called Ka. We loved the snakes but knew that they wouldn’t last due to the fact that Z’s grandmother and my soon-to-be sister-in-law are both deathly afraid. So, for the sake of the family, we traded the snakes for…
…a yellow collared macaw. I was working at the pet store at the time and they gave me a deal on the trade. We thought we were clever for naming him Benedict (after our holy father Pope Benedict XVI) but soon learned that he was anything but holy. As you may have guessed, that flight was short lived. That damn bird hated me 100% of the time and hated the rest of the world 90% of the time… at least when he wasn’t pooping all over the dungeon. We gave him to a family of bird lovers and thought it was time that we moved up to the big leagues. We wanted to switch to something a little more furry and friendly. At least that is what we thought!
Benedict…not the Pope!
We had talked about adopting a dog for a while, but never thought it was the right time. Our schedules were a mess and neither of us was ever home. When I got the social media job, my schedule mellowed out and we decided it was time to start our search. We used Pet Finder to find the breed of choice (Z has allergies so we were looking for hypo-allergenic breeds) and quickly stumbled upon an adorable button-nosed Wheaton terrier mix. We made contact, headed to a Pet Smart on Saturday morning and ended up, after jumping through a few flaming hoops, walking out with a new friend named Guinness.  He was sweet but skittish, so we chalked any aggression up to being unfamiliar with his surroundings. But the aggression didn’t stop.  To make a long story short, after ‘sweet’ Guinness nipped at or bit 6 of our friends/family members as well as a handful of other dogs and failed miserably at obedience school, we realized he was a lost cause. We refused to give him back to the adoption agency we got him from, because they had lied to us about his temperament and aggression, and clearly were not fit to care for him again. So, through plenty of talks and tears, did what we thought was best.
We decided that we would focus on us for a while before adding pets again. But once we got into the new house and saw the perfectly fenced in back yard, we realized it wouldn’t be long until we got the itch once again. Still taking our time, we discussed the breeds we most preferred and what we would be able to accommodate. {Clearly the great dane idea when out the window when we starting evaluating our living/running space.} We weren’t in any rush but always had our eyes open in case we found something special. Then last week it happened. We found an ad on Craig’s List for two 8-week old Boston terrier puppies. {yay} After contacting the woman who posted the ad we decided to go for it. While I was at work on Thursday, Z told me that we would have until next weekend to get the pups because of her schedule. I was convinced Z was going to surprise me with the puppies that night, because I can see right through his cover, but when I arrived home after work there were no puppies to be found. Seriously I searched the house up and down CONVINCED that he had hid them somewhere. All the signs pointed to puppies… but they were no where to be found. I was totally crushed and even talked to Z about it while he was on his way home from work. He was very apologetic that we couldn’t get them yet and told me how bad he felt for not being able to surprise me. I even told him how I scoured the house thinking he’d been lying all day. {I’m sure at this point he was hysterically laughing inside because he knew the truth} So I started to clean up around the house in preparation for my parents’ arrival the next day. I was vacuuming the hallway upstairs when I noticed that the front door was open, which was both freaky and confusing. When I looked down, Z was standing in the doorway with his iPhone pointed at me and a box with two of the cutest puppies I have ever seen at his feet.
They are absolutely adorable.  We named them Pigsby and Buster after a pot belly pig from Pushing Daisies and our favorite character from Arrested Development. They are our little TV puppies.  More stories and pictures are sure to come!
The sweet new additions! Pigsby (L) and Buster (R)
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