There’s no place like home… eventually!

I’m already so proud of myself for having more than just one post on my blog. Now… onto the next topic!
I’m originally from Virginia but moved to Georgia in May right after I graduated. I moved into a townhouse with my hubs (then fiancé) his brother and a good friend in Gainesville. Boy was that a fun time! I now know what it will be like if we end up having three boys. It was an amazing townhouse with lots of windows and three Great Danes living next door (yet another spark to my desire for a pet). We spent most of that summer in Manteo, NC at The Lost Colony Outdoor Theater, where we met the summer before, but had a new place lined up for the fall when we got back. So… when the lease was up in August the hubs and I moved on to what we thought would be a bigger and better place. Boy, were we wrong!

Hell Hole

Most people who hear that you’re living in Buckhead would normally assume you were shacked up in something luxurious and high class… this was anything but. It was the home of a family friend of my hubs who had turned the basement into an apartment a few years earlier. We really needed a place to live that was closer to the city, it came fully furnished and she gave us a STEAL on rent so we jumped at the opportunity. She’s is in her early 70’s and lives alone so we could be there if she needed anything. It was a pretty good situation at first (although not my first choice in terms of decor) but I quickly learned that this was NOT an ideal living situation in the least. There were tiny slatted windows at ground level so very little to no light came into the apartment. Most weekends we wouldn’t get up until well after noon because it still felt like the sun wasn’t up. It was always freezing, musty and buggy but again, we were thankful to have a home at all so I kept trying to find the good in the situation. Then the rain came; literally. You know the saying, ‘when it rains it pours’? Well I realized just how much it poured just after I woke up at about 4:00 am on a September morning. I rarely wake up during the night so I thought it was odd in the first place but I figured I’d run to the bathroom before I fell back to sleep. I’m so glad I made that decision. As I stepped out of bed a rush of cold shot from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I had stepped right into water… on the floor… in our bedroom… surrounding our brand new bedroom suite. Que the FREAK OUT! I yelled to the hubs and filled him in on the POOL of water on the floor. He quickly joined me in my freak out which got more and more intense as we realized that the water wasn’t just in the bedroom but in the guest room, utility room, kitchen and just barely reached the edge of our 70’s retro shag carpet. That part I wasn’t too upset about. As you might expect, the rest of the morning involved a lot of wet towels, cursing, mops, buckets, cursing, wrinkly fingers, cold feet, more cursing and a growing hatred for the apartment. It’s hard to believe, but we stuck through it, telling ourselves that we could never find an apartment in the area for such a great price and that we should stay to help our land-lady.. Slowly but surely that “try to be chipper” attitude dissipated. Especially after the apartment flooded three more times. COUNT EM’… 3 Needless to say our departure happened before the lease was meant to be up and was accompanied by a less than happy exchange of words.

Knowing we had to get out of ‘the dungeon’, as we called it, we JUMPED at the opportunity to try for the $8,000 first time home buyer tax credit. On a rainy day in April we set out on our first house hunt, and with the help of our funny and friendly realtor fell in love with a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse look-alike that fits our fun and quirky lifestyle perfectly. Getting out of that apartment was not only vital to our spirits but our health too. We both got sick numerous times while living there because of the dust and mold and were constantly feeling depressed and dragged down. Thankfully, our new home has color, and LIGHT and life! Not to mention that neither of us have had a hint of sickness since we got out! Knock on wood! We’re so happy to be here and to some day start a family. Note the *some day* part of that sentence!

Ah the wonderful world of house hopping!

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