Bellies and Babies and Binkies… OH MY!

Here’s something to think about… At 6:57pm December 9, 2009, the U.S. Census Bureau stated that there were 308,118,576 people in the United States: 6,802,333,350 in the world. Two minutes later the U.S. population had increased by 11 and the world by 332. Let’s assume for the lack of in-depth research that this number is based solely on births and although I am knowingly excluding the fact that those numbers account both for deaths and births. So, three hundred and thirty two little bitty babies were born in the world in only two minutes! So my question is, how with a planet as big as ours do most of those new mommies and moms-to-be to find where I am? It is completely bizarre but I ever since my engagement in February (I was married just this October), I see pregnant women and new babies everywhere. Shops, work, church, you name it, and there they are. It may be a sign that something is in my future, but preferably not for at least two years. Oddly enough one of my choices for a patron saint is Elizabeth, saint of pregnancy…coincidence?
After considering whether or not my mommy following is a signal for upcoming events, I’ve started to recognize and remember all the other little signs that seem to have lead to an event. Make it a point to notice how certain signs or various little tidbits have served as foreshadows to what life may soon hand you, or what it already has. What gives us the short glimpse into the things that are soon to happen to us? Think about it.

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