Nursery/Guest Room Update

You may remember a month or so back I shared a photo of our navy blue guest room and mentioned my intentions of transforming it into a nursery/guest room for baby boy’s arrival. Then I shared some floor plan options on how to make the transition work. I received a lot of great feedback from you all here and on Facebook and after much deliberation {and a professional consultation from my expert furniture re-arranger: my mother} I finally picked the layout that works best for the room and its future inhabitant. So one day last week while K was napping I dove head-first into shifting it all around. I have to say… I LOVE IT!

As I’ve mentioned before, the room is quite small and it’s hard to get a decent photo {I’ll try to get a panoramic shot when it’s all done} but here’s a peak into how it all looks now!

As you can see, I went with layout #2 from the three options I created on Eventually the crib will go in the back corner parallel with the bed. Pigs decided to be a placeholder in the top left photo. Such a generous pup.

It’s a tighter squeeze than I’d thought because I needed to pull the bed out slightly from the wall so that if two people are visiting they don’t have to climb across the bed to get in on that side. You do have to step past/over the ottoman to get to the crib, but it’s what I had to work with considering the size of the room.
One of my favorite parts of the room is the new closet/changing area. I moved the small dresser from the back corner of the room to the closet and it fits perfectly. There’s just enough room for the changing pad to fit and the shelf that was already in the closet is a great height for my diaper/wipe basket. Plus all of his clothes will be within reach so I can do all of his changing in one area. K’s changing table was on the opposite side of the room from her closet so I always had to get her clothes ready before I went to change her. Not a huge inconvenience, but it will be nice to have it all at arm’s-length. There is plenty of room next to the dresser to add a laundry basket and trash can as well.

The filing cabinet that was in the closet turned out to be a great height for an additional shelf/lamp stand right by the door. You can see the corner of it poking out in the bottom left photo. I’m still deciding if I like it there {and will definitely be making some kind of slip cover for it, as well as adding some cushion to the crazy sharp corners} but once we get the crib in place it will be easier to see if it fits anywhere else. Possibly up against the window as a nightstand for the bed.

So, with the exception of the crib and a few more decorative touches, the room is just about ready for baby boy! Here’s an updated checklist on its progress:

1. paint room 
2. remove large dresser 
3. remove sliding mirror doors from closet 
3. empty closet 
4. move small dresser inside closet for changing area
5. bring glider/ottoman in from K’s room 
7. Paint small nightstand {maybe}
8. Slip cover for filing cabinet
9. Add wall art
10. Add baby :)

So, what do you think of the new layout? Any additional suggestions on optimizing the space?

Until next time…

Pumpkin Update… Let The 3rd Trimester Begin!

Hello 3rd trimester, I didn’t expect to see you so soon!

No seriously, this pregnancy is flying by WAY TOO FAST! I’m so excited to meet this little one but I feel like we just announced it to the world! It’s been a very eventful month and baby boy is growing strong and riding low! He’s giving me LOTS of crazy movements these days which leads me to believe he’s going to be one energetic little boy! These aren’t little pokes and jabs but back flips and full stretches. Fairly soon after my last update another exciting milestone started happening: braxton hicks contractions! Gotta love these practice runs for the BIG DAY. They seem to be stronger this time but I just credit that to my body being more used to the sensation since it’s done it before. I’ve been using each one as a chance to practice my labor relaxation techniques: focusing my attention on relaxing every part of my body sans the contraction itself and really letting my body do what it’s designed to do.

I’m definitely more tired these days and  have been dealing with dry eyes from time to time. I probably look like I’m mad but I’m just squinting through the dryness! I also blame the weather on that last part… nuts. One day it’s 70 degrees and the next they are talking about another POLAR VORTEX hitting us. Anyone else ready for spring and summer weather?

I’m still sleeping about the same; up at least once to use the bathroom and lots of adjusting throughout the night but overall finding it easy to drift back to sleep. It has become more of a process actually getting OUT of the bed since lifting my big ol’ belly requires a sideways push up. What little abs I have in there are no match for the weight of baby boy!

It’s also getting harder to hold K for long lengths of time… which makes it SUPER convenient that she’s been more whiney and clingy lately. It’s as if she knows she needs to get her 1-on-1 time in now so she’s always asking to be held, especially when I’m making dinner.  It’s not that she’s too heavy but just heavy enough {and tall enough} to be sitting uncomfortably on her brother.

As far as cravings go, I blame Valentine’s Day for my obsession with conversation hearts. Not the yucky chalky ones that taste like Comet but the good “Sweethearts” kind that actually have flavors. Shame on Kroger for offering 3 boxes for $1. It’s been my guilty pleasure! That and I could probably eat tacos for every meal. It’s not a mexican food craving, just tacos. Good thing the hubs likes them too because they’ve graced our dinner table a number of times in the last month!

One thing I’ve actually been struggling with this month has been successfully managing stress. I lost my grandmother at the end of January and had a really hard time dealing with everything surrounding her death. Not just dealing with the grief, which was quite painful, but the stress of traveling for the funeral {sadly without Z}, family dynamics, patience in parenting, etc. I broke down in tears a few times like when I was looking up airfare and the very unfriendly United Airlines woman told me it would be $841 for a bereavement plane ticket from Atlanta to Norfolk with a 5 hour layover in DC and K would have to have her own ticket {also at $841} because she was 1 month past the 24 month limit. Yea. Never flying United. Delta offered $480 round trip bereavement tickets {and had excellent, sympathetic customer service} but I still would have had to get K her own seat. Needless to say we did not fly. Being that I tend to be a crier even when I’m not pregnant, I was surprised that with the exception of a few more ugly cries, mostly I was just mad. My stress morphed with my hormones and turned into pure frustration and anger. I try to be as relaxed, happy, and calm as possible when I’m pregnant but I just could’t manage it. Thankfully when I was back home and into the normal routine with Z things got better. He really is my rock and I’m so thankful to have him. 

That’s about all the pregnancy updates for month 7. I just can’t believe I’m already in the home stretch! Every time someone asks me when I’m due their reaction is always “WOW THAT’S SO SOON!” As I look at my to do list I’m realizing that more and more. Lots to get done but I’ve also gotten a lot accomplished, INCLUDING making some great headway on the nursery transition {pictures to come} and pulling all of K’s  baby things to a more easily accessible section of the our lame excuse for an attic {overexerted myself a bit with that one}. I’ll keep all the updates coming!

Until next time…

Because it’s just too good not to share…

The hubs and I spent at least 10 minutes watching this over and over again… laughing until our faces hurt and there were stitches in our sides. Please enjoy… especially parents with multiple kids.

I foresee a similar park experience in our future once baby boy arrives. If this doesn’t make you laugh, or at least crack a smile, you’re probably not a parent.

Until next time…

Proof of God’s Plan

As Christians we always hear and talk about God having a plan for our lives. Sometimes we focus on that part of our faith as a way of getting through a difficult situation {i.e. “God has a plan, everything will work out”} and other times we use it as an affirmation when things seem to fall perfectly into place.  Personally I can’t remember a time where I’ve been presented with undeniable PROOF of God’s plan for my life. That sounds a little ridiculous when I think about it because I’ve had countless blessings in my life that can only be credited to the path He has laid out for me. From how I met Z to the timing of K’s birth, it all seemed perfectly planned. But as far as an instance where I can look back on something that happened years ago and can clearly see God’s influence, as if He’s surrounding a particular event with flashing neon lights that say, “See this? Remember when this happened? Now you know why.”

Well, I’ve finally seen my neon lights.

I’ve been spending the last few days sifting through past blogs to weed out posts that really aren’t relevant to the direction I’m moving in. Most delete-worthy blogs didn’t even require me reading more than the title but as I worked my way further and further into the past I decided to stop and take a moment to read the very first blog I ever wrote.

It was December 9, 2009, just two months after Z and I got married. Neither of us had jobs {talk about faith} and I was applying for a social media management position that required sending in some writing samples. Since I’d never written a blog before, and was starting a new chapter of my life with a new husband in a new state, I figured starting a blog was the perfect way to create a collection of writing samples and keep my family and friends up-to-date with our lives. I had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of a career, and really was just hoping for something that would give me a paycheck. And yet… my first EVER blog post is a clear example that God knew exactly what He wanted for my life.  I’ll admit it wasn’t the most eloquent of posts but it’s the topic I chose that is the most striking. First of all, I titled it Bellies and Babies and Binkies… OH MY. Slight foreshadowing? Next, I discussed the fact that pregnant women and babies seemed to follow me everywhere. Then I mention St. Elizabeth as a contender in my choice of patron saint {I was in the process of converting to Catholicism and was trying to choose which patron saint to take} which, as you know, I later went on to pick. And lastly I talk about not knowing whether or not seeing moms everywhere is a sign of things to come but that it’s at least worth paying attention to. I had no idea what was in store.

Back then I just wanted to write something decent enough to share as a sample of my work and style. Now, as a provisional Natural Childbirth Educator, unable to keep my mouth shut when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and babies,  I know it was much more than that. That blog post was the first glimpse into the path that God had laid out for my life. It just took me a few years to figure it all out.
I can’t wait to see where else His path takes me, but you can bet I’ll be much more attentive to the signs and glimpses He dishes out along the way.

Until next time…

Silly Uncle Shawn… learns a valuable lesson

I love my brother.
He’s funny and generous and K adores him.
His name was actually the first of my family that she learned {outside of mommy and daddy} and he even got his own hand movement to accompany it – a double fist pump straight into the air.

So to encounter a moment where K is truly terrified of him was a shock, to say the least, and worth sharing. Don’t worry… he said I could.

Toddlers are goofy little humans. They find humor in all sorts of places and as parents it’s our job to accommodate to their funny little brains and do just about anything to make them smile. Part of that includes providing endless magical kisses to heal boo boos. Anytime K bumps or bangs a part of her body, she needs a magical mommy kiss to make it feel better. I’m basically freakin’ Tinkerbell people. Magical. But every now and then if I’m not readily available she may have a boo boo serious enough to seek a kiss from daddy, a grandparent, or whatever family member is closest. On this day, it was Uncle Shawn.

K was hanging out in her play-nook and must have stepped on something pointy, resulting in a boo boo on her foot. I was in a different room while Uncle Shawn was right next to her so it was his magical healing kisses she needed. I heard the following conversation take place from the kitchen:

K: Shown… Shown… {through fake-fussing}, boo boo. 

Shawn: Oh no! Where is your boo boo?

K: Foot. Kish, kish. 

Shawn: Oh your foot? I’m so sorry. You know what we’re going to have to do? We need to go find mommy and tell her we have to cut your foot off. 

K: {Silence}

At this point I look up from my book to see her reaction and she’s slowly walking toward me with a very concerned expression on her face. She is no longer fussing, and not rushing to me, but cautiously approaching me. Now I realize it might seem like an “out there” thing for my brother to have said to her but I honestly wasn’t that shocked when I heard him say it. More amused. I’ve used the “Oh, it’s hurt? I guess it’ll have to go” gag on her before, usually by telling her I have to bite off her fingers or toes when they get boo boos. My threat is usually followed by fake-biting on her digits while making munching noises. It always gets her giggling. So for her to be this concerned by her uncle’s suggestion was new.

In order to put her at ease I got in on the gag as playfully as possible.

Me: Let me see that boo boo. Oh yes, it’ll have to go {picking her up into my lap and tickling her foot}

At this point I can feel her relax and even managed to get a smile.

Shawn: Tell mommy it’s time to cut that foot off  {reaches for her foot}

As soon as he leaned toward her K completely FLIPED OUT. Tears started flowing, she began kicking away from him, frantically reaching for me, and saying “no no no”. It took us completely by surprise since she’d seemed to have caught on to the game. My brother immediately backed away, crouched down to get on her level, and put his hands up to show her he wasn’t going to touch her while I rubbed her foot and told her repeatedly that Uncle Shawn was just being silly.

It took us a good 2-3 minutes to calm her down and reassure her that we weren’t ACTUALLY going to cut her foot off. She finally warmed back up to him and even started saying “silly Shown” as she shook her head.

So on this day, the first time Uncle Shawn terrified his sweet niece, a lesson was learned.
Mommy is allowed to bite off the bean’s fingers and toes, but anything more than that, and by anyone else… well that’s just unacceptable. Like I said… toddlers are just goofy little humans.

Have your kids ever given you a totally unexpected reaction like this?

Until next time… 


From the mouth of my babe…

Anyone who has a 2-year old can probably tell you how much of a chatter box he/she is. There is a constant conversation going on at all times and you {mom and dad} may or may not even be involved in it. K is no different. She has conversations with us, herself, her toys, the dogs, the TV, her coloring book, you name it. I’ve been impressed with her verbal skills for a while and she’s a pretty skilled talker. Yes, I’m her mama and I’m biased, but still. Even if words aren’t crystal clear I can understand what she wants and what she’s talking about 90% of the time. Obviously as she learns new words and how to form them we come across some unknowns but she’s still only 2 and soaking in new words all the time so that’s to be expected.

One of my favorite parts of her chatter is her silly pronunciation of certain words. So I thought I’d take a minute not only to brag on the Bean but share some of my favorite pronunciations. See if you can tell what she’s trying to say before reading the translation!

How it sounds: kink – ku
What she’s saying: thank you

How it sounds:  sue me
What she’s saying: excuse me

How it sounds: pee – pul
What she’s saying: purple

How it sounds: recess
What she’s saying: Princess

How it sounds: Sasa
What she’s saying: Spencer

How it sounds:  buh – p
What she’s saying: burp

How it sounds: eye – sween
What she’s saying: ice cream

How it sounds: foon
What she’s saying: spoon

How it sounds: gwee daddy – used to just be ‘wee’ daddy but she’s getting the hang of it
What she’s saying: granddaddy

How it sounds:  Busy – da
What she’s saying: Buster

How it sounds: abu – ca – doo
What she’s saying: avocado

How it sounds: e – oonj
What she’s saying: orange

How it sounds:  kinkle kinkle
What she’s saying: twinkle twinkle

And my personal favorite…

How it sounds: beebee – tootie
What she’s saying: Ratatouille

Goodness I love this girl. She keeps me laughing. Do your little ones have some fun pronunciations that make you smile?

Until next time… 



Floorplans Galore!

I shared a photo back in December called Transformation Initiation with a photo of our guest bedroom as it’s been for the last few years. We’ve added some new bedding and rearranged a bit but the color and basic layout has been the same from the time we moved in.

Now that we’re going to be using it as a guest room AND nursery for baby boy I’ve been happily checking things off my to do list {thank you nesting!!}. The painting was a lot of fun but the most difficult part has been taking on some major finagling to make all the furniture work. I love rearranging but being in my 7th month of pregnancy I didn’t want to spend all day pushing and shoving larger pieces like the dresser and bed around the room by myself; something I would have loved doing in any other circumstance. So I sought out the help of home improvement gurus John and Sherry Petersik at Young House Love. They were very helpful and pointed me toward Holy moly I love this site!  You can create multiple floorplans with a few clicks and see what set up you like best BEFORE all the pushing and shoving begins! BINGO!

I’m working with a crib, side table, queen bed, glider and rocking ottoman. There is currently a small dresser in the room that I plan on moving INTO the closet to use as a changing table/set of drawers. That means the sliding doors on the closet will be removed so having anything near that back corner won’t be as cluttered as it might seem. As you’ll see in the three designs, there’s not a whole lot of space to work with and the bed takes up the majority of the room which makes things difficult. Pair that with the placement of the closet {sliding doors in the bottom right corner} and large back wall window and I struggled to make everything fit. But I really love the three designs I came up with and think any of them would work!

Here were my top three options:

I like the parallel layout of the crib and bed in this first option, and appreciate that the bed isn’t facing the door, leaving a lot of walking room as you first enter. But the amount of space between the end of the bed and the glider isn’t the most ideal. I’m foreseeing that the filing cabinet we currently have tucked back in the closet will remain there and act as a shelf of some sort {covered with a fun fabric of course} so I can use it for easy-to-reach items while in the glider but it’s kind of behind everything which may prove difficult.

Another parallel set up which, again, I love. It will be very convenient if I want to grab baby boy during the night and lay back down to nurse or snuggle. Only this time there’s significantly more room between the ‘sitting corner’ and other furniture. I also like that the extra space allows me to have the side table next to the glider which will definitely come in handy if I need to reach something while rocking the baby. Another perk to this layout is that the crib is on the outside wall instead of up against K’s room. So if baby boy is pitching a fit it {hopefully} won’t be as much of a disturbance to her.

Design 3 is probably my least favorite. The bed is basically in the same place it is now just closer to the front wall. There’s plenty of space there to walk but I don’t like that the largest piece of furniture in the room is pressed so closely to the wall. Plus, despite the fact that we are keeping it a partial guest room, having the bed in the same place it’s always been makes it feel less like a ‘new room’ which is kind of the goal. I like that the glider is back in the corner, and has access to the side table again, but I’m not a fan of the crib being right up against the window. Even though we’re not sure if we’ll be in this house next winter, I don’t like the idea of any kind of window-draft being that close to baby boy. Kind of a dud design, but worth sharing.

So what do you think?  Does one stand out above the others??

While I’m still deciding on the winning layout, here’s a run down of what is being done in the room and what’s already been completed!

1. paint the room – using a light grey {almost white} while leaving a single navy accent wall. Lightening the color helped open up the room and make it seem larger! – DONE

2. remove the large dresser – DONE {thanks mom and dad!}

3. remove sliding mirror doors from closet – DONE

3. empty out closet – possibly use the filing cabinet as additional shelving. It’s a little too big to put up in our tiny attic and is more accessible for filing bills and what not. 50% DONE

4. move small dresser inside closet- opening up more space and creating a changing table in the closet.

5. bring K’s glider/ottoman in from her room to give her more space for some of the larger Christmas toys she got and provide a rocker for baby boy. I LOVED rocking K when she was fussy or before bed. Definitely want to so that with baby brother as well.

Lots more to do but I’m eager to get it all done!

Pumpkin Update… 6 months

Another month, another bump photo, another update on pumpkin thus far!

Oh lordy I need a haircut… let’s focus on that growing bump, eh?

Month 6 was filled with a lot of new developments! Looking back at my last few updates I realize that I have a tendency to ramble about life in general over baby-specific talk.  Maybe that’s why it always takes me to long to get these updates shared…. maybe… so to make sure I get this posted in time and don’t keep you reading for an hour I’ll try to keep it pregnancy centered!

One of the newer developments in month six was the arrival of sciatic nerve and hip pain. The sciatic pain isn’t all the time, not that painful – more annoying, and it’s fairly easy to get rid of in the moment so I can’t complain but so much. It’s generally on my right side {my go-to side when I hold K} and if I can lay down on my left side I’m able to relieve the pressure and reduce or remove the pain. It’s something new from my pregnancy with K so worth noting in the end I suppose. As for the hip pain, I’m not sure where it’s coming from. Also not frequent and not unbearable, but obnoxious and more difficult to relieve.

I was really excited when I watched my tummy ‘jump’ for the first time! Kicks have been getting stronger and stronger and as we grow together I get to see his little dance parties happen first hand. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s really fun to set things like my phone on my belly and see how long it takes him to knock it off. “He’s gonna be a little socca playa”

During our trip to Va for Christmas/New Years I did have a few bouts of morning sickness. The first day seemed really random after day 2 I realized that it was caused by me drinking orange juice first thing in the morning. I thought I felt a cold coming on so I was trying to boost my vitamin C but baby boy has been used to hot chocolate first thing and was clearly thrown off by the acid of the orange juice. Lesson learned. Hot chocolate before OJ always. Pumpkin knows what’s really good for him ;)

I am slowly watching my belly button pop which I’m not too pumped about. I’m really shocked at how fast it’s happening this time considering it NEVER popped with K. I guess it’s how low he’s riding that’s putting more focus on that part of my tummy.

I also had my glucose test this week and I have to tell you people, I’m officially one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind and, dare I say, likes, the glucola drink they have you chug. I liked the orange last time and I liked the red this time. I actually had a better overall experience with the blood drawing and jittery feeling. Most likely because I didn’t have a 2 year old to help distract me from it all last time. While I was trying to tell myself not to feel lightheaded when they took my blood last time, I was focused on K not seeing them draw it this time. End result… no lightheadedness! I did accompany K during her nap today when the sugar crash hit me but I was expecting that and, quite frankly, benefited from catching a few extra z’s.

All in all I’m feeling pretty great at this point in the pregnancy. My midwife says I’m measuring a little small {I don’t see how that’s possible} but I measured small with K the entire time and she credits it to how low he is. I have a ton of energy and am nesting big time! I got the nursery painted with the help of my dear friend Andrea… she helped me paint K’s room too… and was on such a kick that I also painted our master bathroom. Now I want to paint ALL THE ROOMS. Here’s to three more happy and healthy months!

Until next time…

STOP… Potty Time

Three days.
No pants.
Every 20 minutes.
That’s the basic premise of the 3-day potty training method that took over our house last week.

Eager to have K potty trained before baby brother arrives we opted to give the ‘potty training in weekend’ method a shot. I downloaded Rebecca Mansfield’s eBook back in October and after one quick read through I felt confident in the technique and was ready to roll with three hard-core days of frequent potty breaks and a naked Bean. But because it’s me and I can’t seem to do anything in a timely manner these days, I put it off for too long and ended up encroaching on Thanksgiving… followed by Christmas… and the New Year… all of which are surrounded by events that do NOT lend themselves to accommodate days of constant toddler nudity and sprints to the loo. So it got pushed further and further back but I still held onto my initial confidence and was determined to kick things off as soon as the new year hit.
Then the polar vortex hit us, froze our house, and delayed us a little longer. Of course. I know people have been complaining left and right about how cold it’s been but seriously brrrr. Realistically we could have cranked up the heat so she wouldn’t freeze her naked buns off but the idea of watching all of our money fly from our bank account to the electric company was less than appealing.
So, after a little more waiting we finally found the free time and above-freezing temperatures we needed to give us the perfect amount of potty training power and the three-day adventure began! Here’s a ‘wee’ run down of the week. {I realize we are about to get pretty personal here and some people may not like the fact that I’m sharing this much detail on my kid’s potty training experience… she can pick a fight with me about it when she’s a teen… but since potty training can be a daunting experience for a lot of parents I thought I’d share my experience to shed a light on the method we used as well as provide encouragement for other moms and dads who are giving it a go.}

**I will also mention that we opted for the toilet seat covers instead of the individual portable toddler potties. Personally I didn’t want to have to empty the potty every time she went and figured if she’s going to use a regular toilet everywhere else she may as well learn on one. It does mean having a step stool handy and we did have to take the toddler seat portion with us on some of our outings {looking to get an actual portable seat cover but still deciding on one that I like for a good price} but I don’t mind in the least. Beats cleaning out a toilet seat 20 times a day if you ask me!

Day 1

I woke K up a few minutes before she normally gets up –  she normally has time to stand and chat with herself in her crib while filling her diaper with her morning “flush”. We immediately lost the pants and sat on the potty where I repeated my mantra of “pee pee in the potty” over and over again.  Side note: since our house was still a little chilly I opted to put a sweatshirt on her as well, but one that was short enough so I could see below the belt and be able to easily catch her when she had an accident.
Once she was ready to get off the potty we would wash our hands {keep plenty of lotion near by, that many hand washings in a day dried my hands out like crazy, especially in this cold weather} and I’d set my handy-dandy timer for 20 minutes while we carried on with our morning. I had everything planned out so breakfast was upstairs as well as a number of forms of entertainment to keep our quarantined hallway from getting too boring.
Each time she would use the potty I turned into the world’s most obnoxious cheerleader. Clapping, squealing, throwing my hands in the air, cheering, dancing about a bit, you name it! Because we opted not to use rewards {food, stickers, etc} this was our way of praising her. She loved it and would cheer along with me each time. She’d also get sneaky and start clapping for herself before she did anything so I had to make sure I was pretty blank-faced until she actually earned the celebration. With every accident I’d be sure she watched me clean it up while saying things like, “no pee pee on the floor” and “Oh, no. Pee pee on the floor is yucky!”
All in all she did really great! There were 3 1/2 accidents {I say 1/2 because I spooked her when I turned on our Bissell carpet cleaner to pick up an accident that had just happened… leading to a ‘scared pee’ that did nothing but make me laugh} and three successful pees in the potty.
I did put a diaper back on her during nap and bedtime. Better for her to get the hang of things while she’s awake and not also have to worry about having accidents keep her from getting enough rest. We’ll tackle that later.

Day 2

Same ensemble, same wake up call, same set up.
We stuck with trips to the potty every 20 minutes in the morning and since she seemed to be getting the hang of it I extended the time frame to 30/40 minutes later in the afternoon and was able to extend our area slightly. By that time she would tell me she had to go and didn’t really waste time sitting without going. Amazing what that every 20 minute routine on day 1 taught her!
She only had one accident fairly early in the day which I’m 99% sure was prompted by her being horrendously upset that I had put her in time out.
Everything else was successful! She would still only pee in the potty and seemed to be a bit nervous at the thought of pooping.

Day 3

Much more of the same routine for the morning and we now had free reign of upstairs. I also extended our potty time schedule to at least once an hour. Generally she would tell me she had to go before my timer would go off but if it reached an hour and we hadn’t made the trip we’d go just in case. We even had a successful poop that morning which she handled like it was no big deal. Many of the books I read talked about kids being afraid to poop in the potty because they sometimes think it’s a part of their body falling off… I get it, they haven’t taken Anatomy 101 yet… so I was very proud and relieved to see that she handled it like it was any other trip.
After lunch we took another step and added underwear to the mix. I made sure to get lots of colorful, character-filled pairs of toddler undies so she wouldn’t want to mess them up. Elmo is a fan favorite. When she first put them on she strutted around the house like she was showing them off {hopefully not a foreshadow to her future college years} but in the time it took me to answer the door for a delivery, she dropped a load in her pretty Elmo undies. Again… I anticipated this because kids generally associate undies with diapers and ‘settle into them’, as it were. I had her watch me put the poop in the toilet and continued with my displeased face and “Ew, yucky undies” routine as I cleaned them out and got her a new pair.
The rest of the day was successful!

It was an intense, stressful, at-times frustrating {for both of us}, and time-consuming process but I’m so happy with how she handled it all. We’ve had very few accidents since those initial three days and even had some successful potty breaks out in public. Z and I are proud parents and are very happy we decided to give this a go before baby boy arrives. I expect she may regress a little when he gets here but hopefully since we’ve given her a few months of practice she’ll be able to fall right back into her routine if she falls off the wagon. I’m still reminding her to go if more than an hour passes and she hasn’t and obviously watching her after she’s had a lot to drink but for the most part she tells me when she needs to go, and now does an adorable little dance-run to the toilet. She also gets a huge grin across her face and sometimes cheers for herself when she goes. Props to the obnoxious celebration method, right?!

So there you have it… a run down on our potty training experience. Again, I apologize {but not really} for being graphic at times but I figured if our experience can help another little one join the potty club, it’s worth it. I’d be happy to answer any questions if you have any and welcome any additional tips for regression or sleep training. Help each other out moms!

Until next time…