Pumpkin Update… 6 months

Another month, another bump photo, another update on pumpkin thus far!

Oh lordy I need a haircut… let’s focus on that growing bump, eh?

Month 6 was filled with a lot of new developments! Looking back at my last few updates I realize that I have a tendency to ramble about life in general over baby-specific talk.  Maybe that’s why it always takes me to long to get these updates shared…. maybe… so to make sure I get this posted in time and don’t keep you reading for an hour I’ll try to keep it pregnancy centered!

One of the newer developments in month six was the arrival of sciatic nerve and hip pain. The sciatic pain isn’t all the time, not that painful – more annoying, and it’s fairly easy to get rid of in the moment so I can’t complain but so much. It’s generally on my right side {my go-to side when I hold K} and if I can lay down on my left side I’m able to relieve the pressure and reduce or remove the pain. It’s something new from my pregnancy with K so worth noting in the end I suppose. As for the hip pain, I’m not sure where it’s coming from. Also not frequent and not unbearable, but obnoxious and more difficult to relieve.

I was really excited when I watched my tummy ‘jump’ for the first time! Kicks have been getting stronger and stronger and as we grow together I get to see his little dance parties happen first hand. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s really fun to set things like my phone on my belly and see how long it takes him to knock it off. “He’s gonna be a little socca playa”

During our trip to Va for Christmas/New Years I did have a few bouts of morning sickness. The first day seemed really random after day 2 I realized that it was caused by me drinking orange juice first thing in the morning. I thought I felt a cold coming on so I was trying to boost my vitamin C but baby boy has been used to hot chocolate first thing and was clearly thrown off by the acid of the orange juice. Lesson learned. Hot chocolate before OJ always. Pumpkin knows what’s really good for him ;)

I am slowly watching my belly button pop which I’m not too pumped about. I’m really shocked at how fast it’s happening this time considering it NEVER popped with K. I guess it’s how low he’s riding that’s putting more focus on that part of my tummy.

I also had my glucose test this week and I have to tell you people, I’m officially one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind and, dare I say, likes, the glucola drink they have you chug. I liked the orange last time and I liked the red this time. I actually had a better overall experience with the blood drawing and jittery feeling. Most likely because I didn’t have a 2 year old to help distract me from it all last time. While I was trying to tell myself not to feel lightheaded when they took my blood last time, I was focused on K not seeing them draw it this time. End result… no lightheadedness! I did accompany K during her nap today when the sugar crash hit me but I was expecting that and, quite frankly, benefited from catching a few extra z’s.

All in all I’m feeling pretty great at this point in the pregnancy. My midwife says I’m measuring a little small {I don’t see how that’s possible} but I measured small with K the entire time and she credits it to how low he is. I have a ton of energy and am nesting big time! I got the nursery painted with the help of my dear friend Andrea… she helped me paint K’s room too… and was on such a kick that I also painted our master bathroom. Now I want to paint ALL THE ROOMS. Here’s to three more happy and healthy months!

Until next time…

STOP… Potty Time

Three days.
No pants.
Every 20 minutes.
That’s the basic premise of the 3-day potty training method that took over our house last week.

Eager to have K potty trained before baby brother arrives we opted to give the ‘potty training in weekend’ method a shot. I downloaded Rebecca Mansfield’s eBook back in October and after one quick read through I felt confident in the technique and was ready to roll with three hard-core days of frequent potty breaks and a naked Bean. But because it’s me and I can’t seem to do anything in a timely manner these days, I put it off for too long and ended up encroaching on Thanksgiving… followed by Christmas… and the New Year… all of which are surrounded by events that do NOT lend themselves to accommodate days of constant toddler nudity and sprints to the loo. So it got pushed further and further back but I still held onto my initial confidence and was determined to kick things off as soon as the new year hit.
Then the polar vortex hit us, froze our house, and delayed us a little longer. Of course. I know people have been complaining left and right about how cold it’s been but seriously brrrr. Realistically we could have cranked up the heat so she wouldn’t freeze her naked buns off but the idea of watching all of our money fly from our bank account to the electric company was less than appealing.
So, after a little more waiting we finally found the free time and above-freezing temperatures we needed to give us the perfect amount of potty training power and the three-day adventure began! Here’s a ‘wee’ run down of the week. {I realize we are about to get pretty personal here and some people may not like the fact that I’m sharing this much detail on my kid’s potty training experience… she can pick a fight with me about it when she’s a teen… but since potty training can be a daunting experience for a lot of parents I thought I’d share my experience to shed a light on the method we used as well as provide encouragement for other moms and dads who are giving it a go.}

**I will also mention that we opted for the toilet seat covers instead of the individual portable toddler potties. Personally I didn’t want to have to empty the potty every time she went and figured if she’s going to use a regular toilet everywhere else she may as well learn on one. It does mean having a step stool handy and we did have to take the toddler seat portion with us on some of our outings {looking to get an actual portable seat cover but still deciding on one that I like for a good price} but I don’t mind in the least. Beats cleaning out a toilet seat 20 times a day if you ask me!

Day 1

I woke K up a few minutes before she normally gets up –  she normally has time to stand and chat with herself in her crib while filling her diaper with her morning “flush”. We immediately lost the pants and sat on the potty where I repeated my mantra of “pee pee in the potty” over and over again.  Side note: since our house was still a little chilly I opted to put a sweatshirt on her as well, but one that was short enough so I could see below the belt and be able to easily catch her when she had an accident.
Once she was ready to get off the potty we would wash our hands {keep plenty of lotion near by, that many hand washings in a day dried my hands out like crazy, especially in this cold weather} and I’d set my handy-dandy timer for 20 minutes while we carried on with our morning. I had everything planned out so breakfast was upstairs as well as a number of forms of entertainment to keep our quarantined hallway from getting too boring.
Each time she would use the potty I turned into the world’s most obnoxious cheerleader. Clapping, squealing, throwing my hands in the air, cheering, dancing about a bit, you name it! Because we opted not to use rewards {food, stickers, etc} this was our way of praising her. She loved it and would cheer along with me each time. She’d also get sneaky and start clapping for herself before she did anything so I had to make sure I was pretty blank-faced until she actually earned the celebration. With every accident I’d be sure she watched me clean it up while saying things like, “no pee pee on the floor” and “Oh, no. Pee pee on the floor is yucky!”
All in all she did really great! There were 3 1/2 accidents {I say 1/2 because I spooked her when I turned on our Bissell carpet cleaner to pick up an accident that had just happened… leading to a ‘scared pee’ that did nothing but make me laugh} and three successful pees in the potty.
I did put a diaper back on her during nap and bedtime. Better for her to get the hang of things while she’s awake and not also have to worry about having accidents keep her from getting enough rest. We’ll tackle that later.

Day 2

Same ensemble, same wake up call, same set up.
We stuck with trips to the potty every 20 minutes in the morning and since she seemed to be getting the hang of it I extended the time frame to 30/40 minutes later in the afternoon and was able to extend our area slightly. By that time she would tell me she had to go and didn’t really waste time sitting without going. Amazing what that every 20 minute routine on day 1 taught her!
She only had one accident fairly early in the day which I’m 99% sure was prompted by her being horrendously upset that I had put her in time out.
Everything else was successful! She would still only pee in the potty and seemed to be a bit nervous at the thought of pooping.

Day 3

Much more of the same routine for the morning and we now had free reign of upstairs. I also extended our potty time schedule to at least once an hour. Generally she would tell me she had to go before my timer would go off but if it reached an hour and we hadn’t made the trip we’d go just in case. We even had a successful poop that morning which she handled like it was no big deal. Many of the books I read talked about kids being afraid to poop in the potty because they sometimes think it’s a part of their body falling off… I get it, they haven’t taken Anatomy 101 yet… so I was very proud and relieved to see that she handled it like it was any other trip.
After lunch we took another step and added underwear to the mix. I made sure to get lots of colorful, character-filled pairs of toddler undies so she wouldn’t want to mess them up. Elmo is a fan favorite. When she first put them on she strutted around the house like she was showing them off {hopefully not a foreshadow to her future college years} but in the time it took me to answer the door for a delivery, she dropped a load in her pretty Elmo undies. Again… I anticipated this because kids generally associate undies with diapers and ‘settle into them’, as it were. I had her watch me put the poop in the toilet and continued with my displeased face and “Ew, yucky undies” routine as I cleaned them out and got her a new pair.
The rest of the day was successful!

It was an intense, stressful, at-times frustrating {for both of us}, and time-consuming process but I’m so happy with how she handled it all. We’ve had very few accidents since those initial three days and even had some successful potty breaks out in public. Z and I are proud parents and are very happy we decided to give this a go before baby boy arrives. I expect she may regress a little when he gets here but hopefully since we’ve given her a few months of practice she’ll be able to fall right back into her routine if she falls off the wagon. I’m still reminding her to go if more than an hour passes and she hasn’t and obviously watching her after she’s had a lot to drink but for the most part she tells me when she needs to go, and now does an adorable little dance-run to the toilet. She also gets a huge grin across her face and sometimes cheers for herself when she goes. Props to the obnoxious celebration method, right?!

So there you have it… a run down on our potty training experience. Again, I apologize {but not really} for being graphic at times but I figured if our experience can help another little one join the potty club, it’s worth it. I’d be happy to answer any questions if you have any and welcome any additional tips for regression or sleep training. Help each other out moms!

Until next time…

Pumpkin Update…

Once again, I’m late in getting this update out (I’m currently 24 weeks).  I could just blame Christmas but that feels a little too blasphemous. I suppose it’s become a habit, but at least I’m getting them out at all! It’s been a busy month!

Strange to think we have to back track all the way to Thanksgiving for what’s happened in my 5th month. *My dates are slightly skewed but I’m taking photos on the 22nd of each month since that’s when I took my first photo.* As I mentioned in K’s most recent update, Thanksgiving was wonderful! Very low-key and small. The month that followed was a huge challenge for me nutrition-wise since our refrigerator decided to call it quits and Sears did nothing but give us the run-around – they still are, in fact! We tossed the perishable stuff and took advantage of the cold weather by keeping most essentials outside in coolers. When all the Turkey Day leftovers were gone and things warmed up a little we bought a mini-frig which, if you can remember back to college days, does’t provide a lot of room for anything remotely healthy. But we made it through and the people at Kroger came to know me by name during my daily trips for dinner supplies. I’m proud of the fact that I didn’t give in to my urge to fill that mini-frig with Yoohoo! and relive some of my college days.

We had our 20 week ultrasound and super fun silly string gender reveal {follow the link and read all about it} which was a blast and we are so excited to be adding a bouncing baby boy to our family circus. K is excited about ‘bay-beee bwado’ and I even managed to snag my first collection of little boy clothes at our local Once Upon A Child. YAY for consignment!

At about the same time we learned we were having a boy, his movement really ‘kicked’ into high gear! Kicks, punches and stretches galore! Z was even able to feel his first kick… well his first parade of kicks. And just like his sister did, Pumpkin prefers to wait until I’ve totally relaxed in bed just before falling asleep to have a dance party. I joked that from all the trouble he gave me in my first trimester that he’ll be a handful and now I’m convinced. This little boy is going to be trouble! I can’t wait :)

There’s not too much else to report from the last month which I suppose is a good thing. I have my glucose test in a couple of weeks which is SUPER exciting. I decided to go for the red sugar juice this time since I had orange with K. Color me rebellious.

Since there is little to report I thought I’d pull some of the survey questions from last time around, just for fun.

*How far along? 22 weeks in the photo, 24 weeks now

*Total weight gain/loss: Do people really check this anymore?

*How big is baby?  About the size of an ear of corn!

*Belly Button in or out? Mostly in but I have a feeling it will pop this time around. :/ It’s already facing up a little since baby boy is riding low, leaving me with a happy little belly button pool whenever I get out of the shower. Yes, I’m a psycho for finding joy in that.

*Wedding rings on or off? Still on – due in part to my fingers’ magical shrinking skills when the temperature gets below 70 degrees

*Sleep? Falling asleep is easy, despite the dance party in my belly, waking up to pee is less fun – especially since it’s freezing and there’s nothing worse than lifting those warm covers off to an arctic chill!

Until next time…

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These last three months have been filled with lots of fun and new discoveries for The Bean. It helped that we hit all the holidays along the way, but even so, there is lots to report so I’d better dive right in.


Obviously the most ‘exciting’ event in October was Halloween and Keelin’s first time trick-or-treating. I brainstormed a lot about a family costume that would be easy {and cheap} to make and after a friend of Z’s suggested he take on the role of his Disney doppelganger, Flynn Ryder we finally landed on a Tangled family costume. A quick trip to Goodwill and my very first attempt at sewing an actual outfit and we were in business! She had a great time going house to house and ‘knock knock knock’ ing on all the doors! And mom and dad loved the candy she scored! Yes, we ate our daughter’s Halloween candy.

Chameleon Halloween Costume

PASCAL – handmade by mommy

DIY Halloween Costume for Families

We also started preparing for potty training in October. I learned early on that it’s all about baby steps considering we faced some initial fear of the toilet. In other words, I bought some potty seats {the ones that sit on top of your normal toilet, not the individual mini-potties} and we practiced just sitting on the potty every day. I had to use counting and reciting the alphabet to keep her calm at first but eventually she warmed up to the idea and got pretty excited about going to sit on the potty. She even had a tiny tinkle that I celebrated like she’d just won the gold medal at the Olympics! More on potty training in a bit…


My heart melted a little bit in November when I got my first return ‘I love you’ from the Bean. My goodness, the first time a mother hears that, even if it is in toddler talk, is one of the best moments. One that I’ll not soon forget!

We had a great time celebrating K’s cousin Spencer’s 1st birthday with a monkey-themed party at the playground! K was queen of the slide and loved spending the day with her cousin.

love the static hair!

I was a little worried she might try to steamroll his present-opening and cake-smashing but she kept her distance and let him have the much deserved spotlight for the day. Part of that may have been because she had the start of a cold that would, in the coming days, take both Z and myself OUT of commission. Z managed to get over his portion of “the plague” in about 2 days but mine knocked me on my butt for about 2 weeks. Pregnancy certainly does make it tough to get better when you can’t take much of anything for the common cold! Thankfully K was able to spend some quality time with her aunt and uncle on one of the worst days so we didn’t risk passing anything back to her.

K’s new favorite word became the dreaded NO. We talked early on about how happy and fortunate we were that she latched on to the word “yes” as her go-to response for just about everything but the tables turned and “no” became her response for just about everything. Oh boy.

Thanksgiving was pretty low-key since Z had to work {no rest for thee that serenade dolphins} but we had a great time with my brother and Z’s brother. A full-on “sibling” Thanksgiving. K was extremely fascinated by the turkey and insisted on checking on it a few dozen times throughout the cooking process. Maybe we have a little chef on our hands!

There’s something really fun and special about the “parrot” stage of toddlerhood. Especially when it comes to little ones picking up the phrases that WE say, sometimes without even realizing it. K has started imputing “ummm…” into her answers when she doesn’t have an immediate response to give.

Me: Keelin, where are the doggies?
K: Ummm… {looks around} Ouside!

It’s so sweet and innocent and apparently something she picked up from me. When she started saying it to us I asked Z where he thought she got it from and he just laughed. For the next three days any time I would start a sentence with, “Ummm” he would just point and laugh at me. Guilty as charged.

After a recent and SUCCESSFUL hunting trip where Z came back with a freezer full of deer meat {yum} we learned that K is a venison fanatic. She is usually really picky about eating meat – and often leaves it on her plate untouched – but she devoured it every way I served it. Venison chili, done. Venison burgers, done. Grilled venison tenderloin, done. I was a proud mama. And a little jealous that pumpkin made it so it was more difficult for me to enjoy one of my favorite meats.

Lastly, and like most of the world, K became obsessed with “What does the Fox say?”. The song, the video, everything about it she loved. Whenever Z or I would sit down at the computer she would run over to us, gaze longingly at the screen, tilt her head and smile before saying, “Fox?”.  Try to resist the cuteness. Needless to say, it played at least once a day in our house for a few weeks and she would jump and dance around the house for the length of the song.


We learned K will be getting a baby brother! I’ve been trying to get her to say ‘baby brother’ and although she’s appeased me a few times she mainly just giggles at me. Surely she’s imagining all the mischief they are going to get into together! I’m so excited! Be sure you check out our silly gender reveal video if you haven’t already.

In preparation for the arrival of baby Jesus at Christmas, K started having some major prayer time this month! We always pray before meals, and she reminds us if we forget, as well as before bed. But recently she’s started coming up to me during random times of the day, rambling off a bit of toddler gibberish, and finishing her sentence with “amen”. I’m in love with it. Especially because she has a big cheesy grin on her face the whole time like she’s so proud of herself for saying a prayer like mommy and daddy. God really did bless us with this little girl!

Christmas 2013 was absolutely wonderful! We were able to have it in 2-parts and spend it with both Z’s side of the family here at home and my side of the family during a week-long trip to Va. K loved spending time with our families and got some really fun gifts including a Step2 Kitchen, a vintage baby doll, lots of sweet clothes, books and a battery-operated toddler-sized mini cooper {her “big gift” from Z and I}. We couldn’t resist and love the reaction it brought. We don’t have much room in the house, and the weather hasn’t really allowed us to get full use out of it yet, but she does enjoy trying to run the dogs over in the living room every now and then! She got a little overwhelmed on Christmas day when we had 24 people from my dad’s side of the family join us for Christmas dinner. Some new faces, and plenty she’d met before but hadn’t seen for a while, so she was a bit shy and clingy throughout the day but overall had a great time.

The day after Christmas I noticed she was being overly fussy, clingy, etc. with a slight cough and and flushed cheeks so I checked her temp to be safe and she was at just over 102. Of course panic set in because we were away from home and our pediatrician, during the holidays, and were supposed to have a fun little birthday party for her the following day. Unfortunately her fever didn’t break until the next morning {she had double the naps and slept from 5pm to 8am} so we decided it would be safer for the other kids at the party if we cancelled. I was probably the most upset, but had I been the parent of one of the children attending the party, I would have appreciated the caution – especially with so many sicknesses floating around this time of year. Luckily the place we’d reserved for the party, Romp n’ Roll, told us that we had until 2041 to reschedule. Yes, 2041. We triple checked. So when K is my age and has kids of her own, she can take THEM to play. Regardless of having to cancel the party and miss fun with new friends, we had a nice relaxing day celebrating 2 years in Bean-ville. And of course finished the day with a few more presents, some “YUUUMMMY CAAAAAKE” as K puts it, and lots of love from the whole family.

More Fun Facts

Thanks to lots of alphabet books, bath toys, magnets, and Super Why! K is an alphabet wiz! She doesn’t recite it all in order yet, just in pieces, but she knows every letter and loves spelling out words that she sees on book covers, clothes, food boxes, you name it.

She’s also big into counting. If she’s focused she can count through to 13 at which point she repeats 13 a few times as if it’s the appropriate number in the sequence. When she’s not as focused or counting fast she usually skips 4 and jumps straight to 5 which thankfully now actually sounds like FIVE instead of FAK. Yes I admit to sending videos to friends of her saying 1-2-3-4-fak. It was innocent and adorable and I laughed. You would have too.

She loves giving ‘nose kisses’ and will giggle as soon as you touch your nose to hers. She usually ends up grabbing your head in excitement to press her face into yours but at least it starts out as a sweet ‘eskimo kiss’.

Super Why! {aka SUH-WHY} is her all time favorite. I don’t let her watch much TV but since I’m working part time I do take advantage of educational programing from time to time so I can sneak in a little work. She ADORES Super Why! and gets a kick out of all the songs and participation that goes along with each show.

Her “terrible two” streaks seem to come in waves. Most days she’s pretty great but every now and then it seems like she’s just over it all and nothing will make her happy. She’s definitely started testing her limits and will watch us as she does something she knows she’s not supposed to do. Needless to say time-outs have become a more frequent event as of late. Sometimes when she knows she’s done something wrong she will put herself in time-out and then start. It’s those moments that we have to look away to keep from laughing.

She has become a certified jump-a-holic. It seems to be like her own personal form of dancing and she’ll get a burst of energy and bounce all around the house. Her Go Go bought her a mini trampoline for her birthday that hasn’t come in yet but I know she will get plenty of use out of it once it’s here. If we can only find the room for it in the house!

We’re almost at a full set of teeth once her back molars completely surface! We brought her amber teething necklace back a few days just before Christmas when I noticed her tugging on her cheeks saying “ouch” All four are coming in at once and have almost completely surfaced!

It’s hard to believe she’s actually 2 but this is such a fun age we are trying to soak in every moment of it, good and bad! I’m not sure how I’m going to continue K’s updates for year 2, but I really rely on posts like these as a place to look back on fun facts. I may just stick with filling you in on fun adventures and new discoveries as they happen. I’ll most likely share a 2 1/2  update and of course give you the down-low on how she is when new baby brother arrives!

As for now, we are loving our silly, smart, sweet little 2-year old and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store! I made a quick video of the past year using flipagram that I thought I’d share to close out those longer-then-normal blog. Think of it as a treat for staying with me through all my rambling!

Until next time…

Drumroll please…

We had our ultrasound last week and Pumpkin was taking after his/her sister in MANY ways: bouncing like a bean, kicking the ultrasound wand, sucking his/her thumb, and tugging on his/her ear. It was such a relief to see my sweet baby and hear such a powerhouse heartbeat since my anxiety has been on the high side these last few weeks, wanting to make sure he/she is healthy and on track.  The technician said everything looked beautiful and I’m right in line with my ‘due date’ = heart instantly warmed.

We got some adorable photos of him/her waving and posing in all sorts of sweet positions, and as requested the technician told me to look away while she checked out Pumpkin’s downstairs. Z wanted to see if he could tell what the ultrasound read so he watched but I closed my eyes. We did get a “gender revealing” photo that she kindly camouflaged in sweet footprint paper, the photo that would be the key to our gender reveal party which took place on Saturday amongst a few family and friends, including Gammie and Granddaddy via Skype!

I really wanted to do something special for the reveal and because our house is filled with Christmas sweets, something that DIDN’T involve blue or pink cake… much to Z’s disappointment. I searched around pinterest for something fun and found a few new parents who opted for a very fun and unique reveal technique. But I’ll just let you watch the video instead of explaining it all in text… cause what fun would that be.

Without further ado… baby Pumpkin is a…

a BOY!

We are so thrilled, and despite scaring the daylights out of Keelin with the loud {and stinky} silly string storm, she’s excited too!

Props to all of you who guessed bouncing boy!

Until next time…


Just some thoughts… just because…

My biggest driving pet peeve is when people BLOCK intersections during traffic. Yes, I’m one of those patient souls who waits at the stop light to make sure that I can make it all the way across before it turns red. For those of you who don’t also follow this rule, and end up getting in my way because you tried to sneak through the light at the moment it turned red… you stink.

I often have a hard time looking people in the eye when I’m talking to them… specifically when I’m the one speaking. I don’t know if it’s my mom instincts to always be monitoring my surroundings {aka making sure The Bean isn’t making a mess somewhere} or if I just have that little focus.

I think if you’re going to volunteer to be a Salvation Army Red Bucket bell-ringer, you should at least smile and PRETEND you want to be there. No one wants to donate to a sour puss with a stink eye.

Sometimes  I miss getting blatant spam comments on my blog because the broken English and mish-mosh sentence phrasing are always so entertaining to read.

We learn if pumpkin is a little boy or little girl in less than a week. That’s pretty awesome.

I love using Shutterfly for Christmas cards and love the quality and speed they provide. But it’s really obnoxious that there isn’t an option between ordering 50 and 75 cards. I need like 52 this year and every year my list grows by like one because another cousin has gotten married.

I will forever be jealous of Keelin for getting to be a flower girl in my cousin’s wedding. I always wanted to be a flower girl… so I’m going to live vicariously through her next year. Is that strange?

The idea that I will probably be ‘too old’ for the new technology of my kids’ generation is crazy. My mom just got her first smart phone and while I find it really easy to walk her through the basic usage I know that in 20 years when K has some crazy microchip cell phone that also does her laundry, projects movies onto her retinas and organizes her closet like Cher from Clueless, it will be me who is scratching my head asking her “So how do you turn this thing on?”

My passion for the various things in my life {work-wise} comes in waves. I get rushes of excitement when I’m knee-deep in certain projects and then can easily shift to something new, losing some of the luster of my last passion. It’s not gone, just on hold. That’s why the idea of having the same job for more than a year gives me anxiety. I get bored fast and my passion for my work dwindles.

Every time I watch Chocolat… which is often… I consider what it would cost to go to chocolate school. There is such a thing as chocolate school right? If not there should be. Ok culinary school. Or pastry school. But mostly the chocolate part of the two.

That’s all
Until next time… 

Pumpkin Update: sickness, kicks, and new nutrients

Time for another pumpkin update… and I’m only a week behind in getting it posted this time… getting better!
Here’s my growing bump!

18 weeks baby #2

This past month has been a doozy and it all started with a little sniffle from the Bean.
K isn’t one to get sick. Seriously she’s never had a ‘real’ cold {knock on wood} so I wasn’t too worried when she caught a slight cough and runny nose. My brother’s family had passed around a cold the week prior but since K didn’t show any signs of slowing down we carried on like normal. That was until it hit me. Like a freight train!
You should know that colds tend to really take their time with me, and even more so when I’m preggers since I can’t take anything substantial to help kick it early. I was basically quarantined to the bedroom for about 4 days and shuffled around the house for another 3. Things started to clear up with rest, tea, soup, and Emergen-C, but then I started to feel weird pressure in my ears. Off to the doctor I went and he told me I had a sinus infection. Awesome. So I reluctantly went on a mild antibiotic that finally kicked everything. It took a good 2 1/2 weeks before I felt normal again. Oddly enough I had a sinus infection at about the same point when I was pregnant with K, even though it was the dead of summer… what’s that about?

So while being sick for far too long was a major bummer I did get something good out of it. My first flutters! I was feeling really uncomfortable about having to be on an antibiotic during the pregnancy and was saying a quiet little prayer asking that God protect pumpkin during my sickness. Right at that moment I felt a flutter. It reminded me of feeling K move for the first time, and I was even in a similar position – sitting, but leaning over slightly, like you do at a desk or table. It was such a perfectly timed flutter {Thank you Lord} and allowed me to relax a little knowing all was well.

In more happy news, once I got past all the crud from my cold I realized I was past all the nasty pregnancy symptoms too! Nausea has subsided {with the exception of easily sparked car sickness} and my appetite has returned with a vengeance! The headaches have spread out more as well and I’ve tried to be very conscious of drinking plenty of water during the day to keep them away. I also decided to switch prenatal vitamins, which I think has helped a lot. I highly recommend the VitaFusion gummy vitamins. They are great and very tasty! I’m also sleeping a little bit better, despite very vivid dreams and my growing bump which seems to be low low low once again! My boppy pillow is yet again my best friend!

I realize that without an easy-to-fill-out survey I may lose track of stats but at least the more notable ones will get mentioned. Oddly enough I feel like I’m being more of a hypochondriac this time around as well. You’d think that with your first and all the unknowns you’d constantly be worrying, but I felt so laid back my entire pregnancy with K. Now I have something to compare this one too and I start to think, “was it like this last time?”, “that’s different, does it mean something’s wrong?”, “what if x,y,z happens?”, etc. My imagination starts to run away with itself and I have to remember that things are going to be different and that’s ok. I was already thrown for a loop with all the first trimester crud, so I’m learning to expect the unexpected and accept that fact that my abnormally perfect pregnancy with K will most likely not be duplicated. Perhaps it was like a warm up round and God was just preparing me for the possibility of chaos in future pregnancies!

I have a lot more to share about the week surrounding Thanksgiving but since it is TECHNICALLY a part of next month {in the pregnancy} I will hold off… and spare you from having to read any more in one sitting.  Just know that it was quite eventful and we are still recovering.

And before you get another monthly update, I’ll probably be sharing pumpkin’s gender in the next week or so. My big ultrasound is in a week and we are having a small gender reveal party at the house the following Saturday. Which means I will have an envelope containing the mystery of what’s between my kid’s legs for 4 1/2 days and won’t be able to look at it {we’re going to find out when the rest of our friends and family do}. Pray for my self-restraint… and even more for Z’s.
So, time to take your bets… boy or girl? Click the link and cast your vote!


What do YOU think Pumpkin will be?

Until next time…